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Ant That a Scam

Aphrodisiacs! Next theyll say we taste like abalone!

Aphrodisiacs! Next theyll say we taste like abalone!

An ant scam how ingenious. Wang Zhendong thought he had come up with the ultimate scam, convincing hundreds of people to invest in his ant breeding project. The ants were to be used to make herbal remedies, liquor and aphrodisiacs (how many friggin ants would you have to crush for that?). Wang had promised investors returns of between 35-60% from the breeding project which promptly led to people throwing their money into it, $439 million (3 billion yuan) to be exact. Imagine their shock when it was discovered it was all a bogus scam and Wang had no intention of breeding friggin ants let alone juicing them for their magical powers.Many investors fell into depression and one even committed suicide. Needless to say Wang Zhendong was executed (come on it’s China for goodness sakes).


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