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Now That’s A Thankless Job!

Oh my, a woman is suing Christchurch police after she alleged they removed 5 of her piercing using bolt cutters. No biggie except one was in her genital area. That’s an unlawful sexual connection right there. The piercings were removed by a female police officer after the woman was taken into custody for obstruction in 2009 (a charge which was later dropped). Safer communities together, hey bro?

Psst Dumb question but why didn’t the woman remove the piercings herself?


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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Screaming!

Hoop dreams no more

A 12 year old Austrian boy had to be bolt cut from a basketball hoop by firemen after he was dared to  climbing through it at a playground in Vienna and got himself stuck. The week before a 13 year old suffered major burns after he and a mate poured petrol on a playground slide, set it alight and then slid down it in an attempted to put out the flames. It didn’t end well, not only did his pants catch on fire so too his undies. Burning ring of fire!

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Human Kebab

Rescuers forced to set javelin alightWhat could be worse than a javelin through your knee? Hmm, well firefighters setting the javelin alight for starters. WTF! When one of Jian Liao’s classmates threw a javelin rather poorly during track training in Guilin, it sailed through the air and right into his friggin knee cap (double ouch with a cherry on top). When rescue workers arrived, they tried to cut the javelin off  with bolt cutters (I assume so he would fit in the ambulance) however Liao was screaming in so much agony they decided to set it alight (the javelin, not his leg!!). Geez, I hope it was made of wood or that thing would have taken forever to burn!

Psst Is that dude toasting marshmallows? Note the nurses, ooh and the man with the bucket!

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