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They Wouldn’t , Would They?

Eiffel Towewr evacuated after bomb scareGeez, crickey, could Al Qaeda be behind the Eiffel Tower bomb scare ? Sacrebleu. 1,500 people had to make their way calmly to the exits after some dastardly person rang police warning that bombs had been placed around the landmark. Authorities are concerned it is the work of al Qaeda, who are a tad pissed at the French intervention in the African state of Mali . Hmm, me thinks it sounds more like le kiddies .  Hello, al Qaeda are a terrorist organisation they wouldn’t ring.

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Ad Campaign Fail

Seriously Convar Deutschland ? A German technology company sent out 40 packages  to businesses, embassies and a newsroom on Friday as part of  their ad campaign . Problem was, inside each box was an alarm clock glued to hard drive with a note that read “Your time is running out.”Enter friggin bomb squads…police…counsel workers. The chaos that ensued was enough to make Orson Wells proud. From Berlin to Bonn terrified workers were ringing police and buildings were being evacuated. Evidently the packages were intended to raise awareness of the dangers of losing data. Whoops!

Want sauce with that?


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Gloria Allred

Who the hell would attempt to blow up Gloria Allred? Hmm, now lets see, there’s …… Seems some clown sent a suspicious package addressed to  the mega lawyer but it turned out to be just a water bottle. Anywho, all I can say is you better run fool.

Psst Gloria Allred is an American lawyer who takes on high profile cases and is kinda scary. You might remember her as the lawyer of Joslyn James, the hard done by porn star lover of Tiger Woods.

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Airplane Escorted By CF-18 Hornet fighter jets

Whoa, those jets are real fast ah!

Settle down people no need for alarm, the Cathay Pacific airplane escorted by CF-18 Hornet fighter jets has landed safely in Vancouver and there isn’t a bomb on board. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have completed a thorough check of the plane and they say they  found nothing.Hmm, how do they get them horses up the stairs and down those narrow aisles? The jets were scrambled after the Feds received info that there was a bomb on board.


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BMW Bomb Scare

Whoops, was that your car?

OK, here’s the thing fancy pants BMW X6 owner, who covered it over with a tarp and left the engine running outside the Museum of Natural History  you are lucky it wasn’t kaboomed! Martin Birkmann, a BMW test driver, parked his new X6 outside the museum to have a picnic in the park with his girlfriend but didn’t press the correct button on his key fob. The engine, which is virtually silent, didn’t switch off and the car was just left idling. Everybody panic. Enter bomb squad, who smashed both the rear and side windows only to discover there was no threat just a really cool car.


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Another Bomb in Time Square But This Time It’s Not a Musical

WTF, while the mouse is away. Here I was thinking nothing ever happens on a Sunday and Kaboom a friggin Time Square lock down, car bombs, panic and mayhem. Damn you. OK, so I am the last to know, but I have to write something about it right? So far the New York police have zilch, nada, zip on who was behind the homemade explosive device planted in a SUV parked outside a Broadway Theatre. But hello New York….another wake-up call.Them terrorist are sneaky little buggers. You gotta do more than just keep your eye on the ball on New Years eve people! OK, here’s what we know, the SUV had Connecticut license plates (registered to a Ford F-150), they found a box which contained two gas cans, three propane tanks, electric wires, black powder and a timing device. There is a second box in the SUV but police are yet to open it (just in case Kaboom!). Oh and mister or miss terrorist, authorities say the bomb looked amateurish, so there!


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Dumbass Diplomat!

Oh for goodness sakes Qatari diplomat, firstly there is no friggin smoking on flights in the United States and secondly trying to extinguish something that vaguely resembles fire is gonna get you in trouble no matter who you are (oh, except if you are a diplomat!). The incident happened last night on a United Airlines flight from Washington to Denver. The FBI are still trying to determine if the diplomat, Mohammed al Modadihad, been smoking in the toilets or was attempting to ignite something. Two fighter jets followed the plane until it safely landed in Denver on an isolated airstrip (just  in case of a kaboom!).  Hmm, whatever the outcome seems our little mischief maker has full diplomatic immunity.


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Honey, Where’s Your Lunch Box?

Nightmare Before Christmas lunch box bomb scareHere’s the thing people, if you happened across a  “Nightmare Before Christmas” lunch box on the sidewalk no need to be ringing the bomb squad (unless it’s ticking of course!). Elkhart City Bomb Squad responded to a call about a suspicious package lying on the sidewalk. They high pressure sprayed it with water before confirming it was in fact just a kid’s empty lunch box. His mom is probably still looking for it as we speak!

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Oprah Nearly Had a Blast

Move on, nothing to see here. The backpack outside Harpo Productions’s (Yep, Oprah’s joint) which was believed to have wires hanging out of it, raised enough alarm bells for the Chicago Bomb and Arson Unit to investigate. But it was soon determined that the suspicious backpack, which was found in the flowerbed, turned out to be just a suspicious backpack in the flowerbed. It’s the weekend people, slow news day!


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One Way To Get Out of Work

Run, it's going to blow!

Run, it's going to blow!

Employees at JPMorgan Chase in Columbus, Ohio, ran for their lives after someone found a boxlike device in one of their conference rooms. The box had lights, wires and a timer. The building was evacuated for three hours, two of which was spent by the bomb squad laughing their asses off. The device in question was a timer used for people delivering presentations. The light on the box is used  to warn the speaker that their time is up. Anywho, it wasn’t a complete waste of time the  paramedics came in handy, treating a few of staff for heat stroke.

Psst Guess who’s the butt of office jokes now…boom!

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