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Boston Marathon Bombing

Bombing at the Boston MarathonThoughts and prayers go out to all the runners and spectators  injured during the bombing of the Boston Marathon today. A despicable and cowardly act . Two explosions near the finishing line have so far left three people dead and numerous spectators and runners injured. A suspect is believed to be in custody in a local hospital.

The city is currently in lock down and cell phone services have been temporarily cut off.

Psst For those of you following  Robert Decastella’s amazing indigenous runners, they are all safe and sound.


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German City Evacuated After Discovery of Two WWII Bombs

The sins of the past continue to haunt Germany with two large unexploded World War II bombs being discovered in a river in the city of Koblenz. The discovery forced 50,000 residents to be evacuated, including people from 7 nursing homes, 2 hospitals and inmates from a prison. The bombs, one a 1.8 tonne British device and the other a 125kg American device had been lying in the river for 60 odd years waiting to go kaboom. The bombs were discovered when the water level dropped due to drought conditions. So far 28  bombs have been discovered since 1999. Last year three bomb experts died trying to defuse a bomb in Lower Saxony and another three people were killed when a 500kg bomb exploded during construction of a sports stadium. Evidently around 1 in 10 bombs dropped in Germany during World War II didn’t explode.

Psst Why haven’t the German waterways been swept for unexploded bombs?


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Embassies On Alert

That was no friggin Kris Kringle!!!

No need to panic but if you are working in an embassy in Rome don’t open any friggin parcels, they could go kaboom. Two separate parcel bombs exploded at the Chilean and Swiss embassies in Rome injuring two people yesterday. No one has yet claimed responsibility but it definitely wasn’t a disgruntled Santa.

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Oh Goodie, Terrorist Alert Before Christmas

How much to send this to the US?

Oh crap, the US terrorist alert has flipped into “full on fear”  following  explosive packages being found at a UK and Dubai airport overnight. Sheez, it  must be real serious, because even President Obama took time out from his busy schedule to warn of a “credible terrorist threat” after the two suspicious packages (disguised as printer cartridges) turned out to be friggin bombs. Both packages were on United Parcel Service (UPS) flights originating from Yemen and destined for Chicago AND both were addressed to unnamed synagogues in Chicago. Al Qaeda have been named as the usual suspect.

UPDATE : A Yemeni woman has been arrested over the bombs.


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Friggin Hurt Locker


Whoopsie daisy, about 20 Taliban terrorists have kaboomed themselves while laying booby trap bombs. Hmm, so who’s the boob now, huh? Yes, the highly sensitive Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have proved too much for some of the terrorists, who continue to accidentally detonate them while in the process of hiding them. So does that mean they still get 72 virgins?


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Were There Bombs In The World Trade Center?

OK, I, like many, watched live as the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. I stayed riveted to my TV for 48 hours straight thinking WTF and who the hell is Osama Bin Laden. But I must admit I never heard in all the time I was watching the events unfold anyone talking about secondary explosions. So imagine my surprise to find an interesting clip on Youtube showing a montage of eyewitness reports all talking about explosive devices, secondary explosions and bombs.Ah I know you Loons love a conspiracy….check it out.

Psst Oh and if you were thinking the explosions were gas leaks, forget about it. All the buildings were Class A meaning no gas lines were permitted due to safety regulations.


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