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Stop Looking

Apparently Amelia Earhart has been found…well sort of. A US scientist is 99% certain that the bones found on Howland Island in the 1940s were that of the lost aviator. Problem is, the bones have been lost. But never let that get in the way of a good story. The scientist has the original bone measurements (pre lost) and from those measurements he has estimated the size of Amelia’s bones against photographs … and they apparently match. Not very convincing if you ask me. The theory is Amelia crashed on the island and lived as a castaway before succumbing to the elements.

PSST You might want to keep looking…just saying.


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Should Have Sold The Bones Separately

Coffin sold with skeletal remainsOK, here’s the thing man from Iowa. When selling an “oak coffin on a stand” online, don’t be including no friggin skeletal remains . Just saying. Now you got the Iowa police all over you like a cheap suit. The dude who posted the ad said the coffin  belonged to the now defunct Independent Order of Odd Fellows organization and was told the bones were donated by a doctor in the 1880s. Hmm, let the medical examiner be the judge of that.

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Skeleton Comes Out Of The Closet And Into The Bedroom

Seriously? A 37 year old Swedish woman has been charged after allegedly having sex with skeleton parts. Seems her house is full of body parts.. skulls, bones, spines. Police are not sure if she stole the bones from a morgue or she’s been grave digging. Photos of her kissing and licking the skulls and CDs on Necrophilia were also found in her house. She left this little gem on an  internet forum ‘It’s worth it. I want my man like he is, whether he is dead or alive. He allows me to find sexual happiness on the side.’

Psst Reminds me of a joke. How do you know if your wife is dead? The sex is the same but the dishes have piled up in the sink.


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Richard III Has Been Found

Stop looking people, Richard III has been found. OK, some bones have been found by archeologists in the location of where they believe he was buried, but bones is a good start. The remains have all the signs of being that of the late king, including the tell tale spinal curvature (he evidently suffered from severe scoliosis) , a dink on his noggin and a barbed arrowhead lodged in his upper back. Hmm, sounds like him. Definitely the winter of his discontent!!!



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A Roman Gladiator Cemetery Unearthed In England

Archeologists in England believe they have discovered a friggin Roman gladiator cemetery. The cemetery was discovered in 2003 under the city of York and is believed to be over 1,800 years old. After seven years of investigations scientists are pretty certain the 80 or so skeletons belong to gladiators, mainly because of the injuries sustained and the fact they were all males (good deduction Sherlock). One male had  bite marks consistent with a big carnivore, like a lion or a tiger. Several had one arm bigger than the other, hinting that they were trained to be fighters from an early age and there were also a few decapitations and blunt traumas to the head, suggesting they  had all been involved in arena fighting (or had been married to some very angry women!). Bones of animals including, horses, chickens and pigs were also found near the bodies, suggesting they had some very impressive funeral feasts.

Psst Geez, if they were anything like British football matches it would have been a friggin bloodbath.


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The Mystery Of Sean Flynn Could Be Solved

Last photograph ever taken of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone

The mystery of what happened to Errol Flynn’s son may finally be solved after bone fragments were found near his suspected grave. Sean Flynn was a photographic journalist, who loved nothing better than taking on high risk assignments in war zones during the 1960’s. On April 6th, 1970, he,  along with fellow journalist Dana Stone, were captured by the Vietcong while on assignment in Cambodia. It is believed the pair, who were on motorcycles, were captured by the communist guerrillas at a roadblock on Highway 1 and  later  were handed over to Khmer Rouge who eventually killed them in June, 1971 . Sean’s mother, actress Lili Damita spent the most of her life and a considerable amount of money searching for her son before having him declared legally dead in 1984.The bones, believed to those of Sean, were discovered after a local man said he saw the Khmer Rouge soldiers kill a man matching his description in 1971.The bone fragments are currently being DNA tested.


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