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Cheapest Way To Get A Boob Job

Of all the low down rotten genius things to do, an Arizona woman faked having breast cancer so she could get herself a nice big pair of fake breasts.  She told her co workers and family she had breast cancer, which would require a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that she couldn’t afford . So of course everyone rallied around her, fund raising and donating money. A few months later she had her nice new tits. Sadly, her scam only unraveled when she rocked up to work and couldn’t provide a doctor’s note for her medical leave. A little bit of investigative work and she was sprung. So close.

Want sauce with that?


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Boob Job Saves Russian Woman’s Life

A Russian woman is thanking her lucky stars she got herself a boob job after her hubby plunged a knife into her chest during a domestic and it couldn’t penetrate all that silicon. Doctors conferred that without her big knockers she would have been dead. The unnamed woman got into a fight with her husband and in a fit of anger he picked up a knife and stabbed her in the left boob. The knife failed to reach the heart thanks to her state-of-the-art implants. Oh and added bonus, they didn’t leak either.


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RIP Sexy Cora

A German porn star who appeared on the German version of Big Brother has died after complications from a boob job.Sexy Cora (born Carolin Ebert) suffered severe brain damage after an operation to increase her breast size from F to G was botched. Minutes into the procedure she had a heart attack and was placed into an induced coma but died 9 days later. The two doctors who performed the op have been charged with negligent manslaughter. In 2009 she was hospitalized in an attempt to break the world record for the number of fellatios performed in one day. She was hoping for 200 but only managed 75.  Sexy Cora was just 23 RIP.


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