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UFO Over New York

No need to panic people but WTF was that hovering over New York? Hmm, look, up in the sky, is it a plane? A UFO checking out the new mosque site? The missing secret  US space shuttle? Some friggin advertising hoax? Dear god, please don’t let it be Independence Day!!!! Witnesses said the objects, which looked like a  cluster of stars, hovered for several hours bringing New York City to a  standstill. Interestingly, the date corresponds with Stanley A. Fulham’s prediction in his new book Challenges of Change, that tentatively predicts “October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities.” Skeptical loons? Check this out ,  New Book Predicts UFO encounter.

UPDATE : Take your tin foil hats off loons, false alarm. The UFOs are apparently birthday balloons let loose by the Westchester elementary school. Tin foiled again!


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