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Lost in Spain

Well, well, well, one of our Loons has finally got off their ass and written a book. Everyone remembers Scott, Scott Oglesby…oh for goodness sakes Zodiblog … remember, he’s the loon who  had been living in Spain with his wife and took home every stray animal that crossed his path (even if they didn’t want to)? Yeah Scott,  well, Scott has written a paella of yarns  about his experiences and it is available NOW, right this MINUTE on Amazon. I had the pleasure of having a sneak peak and lets just say it is clever, tongue in cheeky and soooo Scotty (the guy with the blog…stay focused). So Loons I am expecting you to go wander over to Amazon and friggin purchase it. I’m even gonna make it easy for you and give you the direct link … The Dude With The Blog Who Hasn’t Visited The Loon For Two Years Because He Was Writing A BOOK.

lost-in-spainScott Oglesby moved to Spain with the thought that it was the perfect chance to start over. Unfortunately, he brought himself with him. The result was dysfunction, delusion, chaos and one hilarious book. Lost in Spain is a collection of humorous essays centered around one very awkward American. With irreverent imagination, larger than life characters posing as humans, and surprising heart, this book will move you. Whether to laughter, tears, anger, or even an adventure in another country is anybody’s guess.


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Well, Isn’t That Ironic

Police in Louisville arrested a man they believe  stole a book about ETHICS and then tried to sell it at another bookstore.


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Lawyer Sits On Ted Bundy Secrets For Over Two Decades

For the life of me I can’t work out why Ted Bundy’s lawyer would want withhold Bundy’s private confessions.  Evidently Bundy admitted to his attorney  John Henry Browne, that he had killed over 100 people and his first victim was a male . Browne said in a recent interview “Ted told me things that he’s never told anybody,”. Despite Bundy signing a release for Mr Browne to publish the information about him, Browne had sat on it for over 20 years. Reason? He “didn’t want to visit those dark places again.” Real reason? He’s writing a book! Hmm, too bad about closure for all the families and loved ones of those victims.

Want sauce with that?


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Zodiac Killer Is Still Alive

OK Loons, I know you have heard it all before but retired highway cop believes he knows who the Zodiac Killer is. Well it’s about friggin time someone does! The Zodiac killer haunted San Fransisco Bay area in the 1960’s, randomly killing people while dressed in a strange hood and then sending cryptic letters to newspapers and police. Lyndon Lafferty believes the killer is a 91 year old man still living in California. What’s even worse is he believes that the Zodiac  had been protected by corrupt officials and police because the Zodiac’s wife was having an affair with a prominent judge. And what’s even worse still, he’s written a book on it  without revealing his identity . Seriously people, shouldn’t your main aim be to have the bastard arrested instead of making money from writing books?

Want sauce with that?


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Van Gogh Killed By Two Boys

Well go stick a pin in art history Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. The two authors are claiming Vincent Van Gogh did not kill himself, I repeat, did not kill himself but rather was shot dead by two local kids with a malfunctioning pistol. The great painter, who was a tad loopy, was thought to have shot himself in the chest before walking a mile to get help while living in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise  in France . But the new claim suggests he was accidentally shot.  Hmm, and that would make him still dead.


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Man Writes Book About His Sexual Relationship With A Dolphin

Ewh, ewh, ewh, an American man has just written a book about his sexual relationship with a dolphin. Yep, you heard me.In the 1970’s Malcolm Brenner met a dolphin called Ruby in a run down theme park and it soon lead to an elicit affair. For nine months they were doing it, before Mr Brenner went off to college. Ruby died shortly after from what Brenner believes was a broken heart. Hmm,  his advice to other people thinking of taking up with a sea creature…“I’d warn anyone who’s in a relationship with a dolphin. You have to plan an exit strategy,” Anywho, he has written a novel  inspired by his relationship with Ruby called  Wet Goddess, which is available on Amazon. Hmm, sounds fishy to me!!!

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It’s Tough Being Mayor

Oh tsk, tsk, Boris. Job a challenge is it love? Evidently Boris Johnson the Mayor of London hired someone to deal with the day-to-day duties whilst he tripped the light fantastic. It was all a bit much being mayor and all! Sadly it all went a bit pear shaped after he realized he couldn’t afford a “mini – me”. Yep, you guessed it, a new book is about to be released and they are leaking some of the dirt.

Want sauce with that?


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Monobookist Bookstore

You have to take your hat off to author Andrew Kessler he’s going all out to sell his first novel “Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen, and My 90 Days with the Phoenix Mars Mission,”  Hmm, Compelling reading no doubt! Kessler has rented out a bookstore in New York’s trendy West Village and filled all the shelves with his book. Yes, only his book! Despite some interest he said “A lot of people are scared to come in. Some people wonder if we’re Scientologists.” Goodness knows how much rent he is forking out but he has 3,000 of the books to sell.

A few snippets from Amazon reviewers about the book  – “Kessler’s ability to make astrophysics comprehensible to an eighth grade girl and get her to giggle is the geek appeal. Spending a summer inside mission control in Tucson brings home the fact that Mars is truly distant.”

“And because the author is a layman, it’s accessible for a normal person.”

“My own 13 yr.old space-nerd loved it!”

“The one part of a Kindle purchase I wish could be changed for this purchase: deleting a purchase instead of just archiving it!”

Wants sauce with that?


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P Piddy Buttrose

OMFrigginG, is about all I can say about Ita Buttrose’s “Manners rap”. Honey, sweetie, darl, this is no way to sell your new book or those unflattering mom slacks.


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Now If 33 Chilean Women Were Trapped….

Hey, who nicked my Moet?

What happens in a Chilean mine doesn’t necessarily stay in a Chilean mine. Seems now the dust has settled and all the 33 trapped miners have had time to collect their thoughts, stories are emerging of drugs, sex and rock n roll down in that hole. A new book is claiming that while authorities were scratching their heads wondering how the hell they were going to all the men out from the 800m underground pit, friends and family were smuggling drugs down to them in letters. Unfortunately the men’s requests for a few blow up dolls was denied because experts believed it would cause jealously amongst them, so instead they got lousy pin ups.

Psst As long as they could squeeze  bottles of champers, a toothbrush, a pillow and cable TV down into that hole, I’d be set.

Want sauce with that?


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