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Parents Dearest

The last thing a French mechanic  expected to see in the trunk of a car was a starving little kid. The child believed to be around 23 months old was found after a man dropped off his partner’s car  to be serviced. Father is denying any knowledge of the baby. Seems wifey had a little secret and didn’t tell anyone about the birth and instead used the trunk of the car as home for the bub. The child is suffering from malnutrition and mental problems. Both parents face 10 years jail. Their other three children have been taken into care.


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Magicians Tricks Vanish

A Magician has been left absolutely amazed after his bag of tricks vanished into thin air. They were in the trunk of his car one minute and …poof… gone the next. He thinks thieves may behind the vanishing act.

Psst Lucky the robbers didn’t pull a rabbit out of his trunk!!!


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