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What the Loon Saw

Yesterday, when I was having a squizzy at supposed photos of Boston Marathon suspects picked out by a vigilant public I did notice something .


Have a look top left of photo and there is an abandoned black backpack. I’m guessing that it belongs to someone on the stage.

Abandoned backpack at Boston Marathon


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Boston Marathon Bombing

Bombing at the Boston MarathonThoughts and prayers go out to all the runners and spectators  injured during the bombing of the Boston Marathon today. A despicable and cowardly act . Two explosions near the finishing line have so far left three people dead and numerous spectators and runners injured. A suspect is believed to be in custody in a local hospital.

The city is currently in lock down and cell phone services have been temporarily cut off.

Psst For those of you following  Robert Decastella’s amazing indigenous runners, they are all safe and sound.


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