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Boston Naked Guy Still a Mystery

Some of you who were glued to the TV during the Boston Marathon bombing drama will remember the naked guy that CNN splashed across the screens claiming to be the captured Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Well, the Boston police, who refluted CNN’s claims, haven’t released the naked dude’s details, raising the collective eyebrows of conspiracy theorists worldwide. Who is the Boston Naked Guy? Why hasn’t he come forward to lay claim to his awesome physique and gain his 15 seconds of fame? What the hell was doing there?Why did they strip him naked? Why did they blurred out the best bits? So many questions so few answers.

Who is the Boston naked guy


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FBI Release Bombers of Interest

After days of speculation the FBI have released photos of two guys they suspect are behind the Boston Marathon bombing. It is believed the man in the white cap was captured on CCTV placing the backpack at location 2.

FBI release photos of Boston Martathon bomber suspects



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Bubble Wrap Saves The Day

Construction worker saved by a pile of bubble wrapYou are working away on a construction site in Boston when you suddenly slip and plummet 30 feet to the ground, what on earth could possibly save you? No, not Superman silly, but a pile of bubble wrap. Sure the dude got stuck in it and had to be cut free but yah, bubble wrap.

Psst Sheez, it would have sounded like fireworks going off when he landed.


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It’s Only A Game

Hey, anyone happen to know the score between the Canucks and Bruins?  Ooh, OK, sensitive subject huh? Seems some  ice hockey fans were a little pissed that the Boston Bruins claimed victory in the Stanley Cup so they went on a little rampage through Vancouver. Yep, they set cars on fire, broke windows, hit, stabbed and punched each other and basically turned the area into a war zone . One distraught fan shouted at the vandals “Way to showcase our city, guys,”

Oooh, watch one poor fan get a gas grenade to the balls …


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Boston Inherits An Italian House With Its Cats and dogs


Congrats to the city of Boston, they have just inherited an estate in Italy. Only one catch. They have to feed the late owner’s cats and dogs. Luciano Visocchi named Boston as the sole heir to the Italian estate in his last will and testament despite no evidence he ever visited the US city. Evidently his mom and aunt had lived in Boston many moons ago and it was their stories of the city that inspired his decision. Unfortunately the translated will included this little clause “The City of Boston, MA, USA, is obliged to look after the old dogs Argus and Jak.To feed the cat Rossina, easily recognizable from her great size, as well as the cats: Giacchino, Rossino, Pasquale, Francesco, and others as well.’’ But (and there is always a but) the will is currently being contested in Italy by a local political party who claim they had been promised the estate. Hmm, I’m hoping in the meantime someone is feeding the friggin menagerie!

Want sauce with that?


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Commuter Snake Found

Sheez, what's to eat?

OK, everybody’s feet down, the 3ft missing  boa constrictor has been found in a Boston subway carriage. Penelope was discovered by a commuter after wandering off it’s owners shoulder about a month ago while they were commuting. Melissa Moorhouse, who owns the wayward snake, was thrilled to have her pet back. Good for you!


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What Valet Service?

You know what I hate? When you suffer from labor pains and decide to drive yourself to hospital and then hand your keys to the valet while you race into emergency, only to be told the hospital doesn’t have a valet service. I really friggin hate that! The incident happened at the Lowell General Hospital. The woman told police a man dressed in what appeared to be a uniform told her he was the hospital’s valet and that she couldn’t park in that particular spot but he would happily move it for her.

Psst The car was recovered the next day.


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Baby Name Tragedy

OK, here’s the thing mister, killing your 6 month pregnant girlfriend, her sister and yourself over the name of your unborn baby is friggin dumbass. Joseph Cummings from Boston shot dead his longtime girlfriend Kimberly Nguyen and her sister (an aspiring medical student) before turning the gun on himself because Kimberly wanted to hyphenate the baby’s name. Hmm, problem pretty much solved!


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Elevator Rage

Quick they're coming!

Kenyana McQuay and Waltia Funches were so pissed that Mohammed Warsame didn’t hold the elevator door for them they beat the crap out of him to teach him a lesson. Oh yes sirree, the two Boston women punched, kicked and whacked the man with their purses before one threw a bowl of pasta over him. Geez, damn impolite bastard!

Psst Hmm, what would Susi Spice have done? Ain’t bear thinking about!


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Zorro Envy

Nothing like a suicidal, sword wielding man to get the heart rate pumping. It all started when police were called to a Boston apartment and tried to enter. While the cops were pounding the door, the man inside jumped through a closed third-floor window, bounced off an awning, slammed into the ground and ran off. Ta-da. Back up was called and some 20 cops chased after him . At some stage he spun around and drew a sword then charged the police shouting “Shoot me! Kill me!”. Hats off to the police, who restrained from pulling triggers while Sgt. Thomas Teahan snuck up from behind and tackled him.


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