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Stop Wriggling!!!

What do we have here then?

Doctors and nurses at a New Zealand hospital are stilled gathered around the water cooler whispering about a man who rocked up to emergency on the weekend with a short finned eel stuck up his bottom. No loons, they have no idea how it got there but they do have their theories!!!!


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Bottoms Up

That’s using your head …


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Saddam’s Butt Up For Sale

Remember the moment  the statue of Saddam Hussein was unceremoniously ripped from it’s plinth during the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003? Well an elite SAS regiment soldier, Nigel “Spud” Ely, was there and he retrieved a 2ft piece of Saddam’s butt using a hammer and crowbar. Now he’s auctioning as a “war relic art” in England and it could be yours. Might look good in the garden!

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How Them Apples!

Just checking out my new Apple voice recognition system!

OK, here’s the thing Apple, when naming your new intelligent personal assistant (vocal recognition system) on the  iPhone 5 it is probably smart to Google the word first. Seems the Japanese are snickering in their udon after the name was revealed. Siri is pronounced in Japanese as Shiri which means “Buttocks”.  Unfortunate.


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Silicone Injections In The Butt Is Dangerous

Oh dear, Mayra Lissette Contreras has died after having silicone injections in her butt. Don’t ask me, last thing I need is a bigger ass! Anywho, it seems Ms Contreras died from respiratory problems following the procedure. The two sisters Alejandra Viveros and Guadalupe Viveros, who performed the op, are on the run. It’s alleged they don’t even have a friggin medical license. Brilliant! Some California doctors are horrified by the practice, considering injecting silicone directly into the body can have serious medical repercussions eg DEATH. If the surgeon accidentally hits a vein, the silicone can enter into the bloodstream and go straight to the lungs.


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Doctors Fail to Notice Toilet Brush Handle In Woman’s Bottom

OMG, imagine having a 15cm toilet brush handle embedded in your bum for 4 years. Worse still, imagine dying because doctors failed to take you seriously. Cindy Corton was drunk when she fell on the toilet brush in her friend’s bathroom in 2005. She took herself off to the hospital to have X-Rays but the doctors failed to notice the thin serrated handle stuck in her bottom. In 2007, after immense agony, Cindy finally convinced doctors there was a object in her bum. Unfortunately, by that stage the handle had become embedded in her pelvis making any  attempt at removing it dangerous. Cindy died in 2009 after she underwent a third surgery to have it removed.Needless to say Cindy’s husband Peter is taking legal action against United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.


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