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Nasty Fright

Might want to buy a lottery ticket …


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What Do You Get A Woman Who Has Everything?

What do you give an ex wife, who has everything, for her birthday. A big fat 20 tonne rock that’s what. No, no, no, not a ring, I said rock, as in BOULDER! The mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton in Montreal, Dany Larivière, had the massive rock delivered to her front lawn with a big pink bow on top and “Happy Birthday Isa xx” spray painted on it. When quizzed by police he told them it was a gift “It’s hers now. That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life.” Hmm, yeah , there is no way he’s gonna be moving  it!

Psst Want to see it?


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Big Shout Out To NZSki

Remember “Rocky”, the 30 tonne boulder for sale in the New Zealand Trade Me? You know, the one that rolled down the hill during the Christchurch earthquake and ended up in the lounge room of Phil Johnson’s house. Yeah, well it sold for $60,000. Yes, you heard me,  60,000 buckaroos! At one stage NZSki‘s bid was removed because they thought it was a hoax but it wasn’t. They are now planning to haul the big old rock to Mt Hutt and put on display at their car park. Hmm, and someone is even knitting a hat for it. Bravo guys.

Psst All the money is going to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal.

Want sauce with that?


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This Rocks

Rocky, the 30 tonne boulder that landed in Phil Johnson’s living room during the Christchurch earthquake is up for grabs. Yes, the pristine rock, which rolled down a hill and landed in his house,  is currently on Trade Me.  Mr Johnson says it  could be used as a garden feature or a “magnificent addition to your living area”. All proceeds to the sale of “Rocky” will be going towards the Christchurch earthquake appeal.

Psst Oh I forgot, there’s one catch, you have to remove the boulder yourself.

Want to bid click here Trademe.co.nz .


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Hey Sherlock, Have I Got A House For You!

Did you hear something?

OK loons, continuing in my series of interesting houses on the market, how does this one sound? A “stunning, updated, classic  University Hill home with elegance of past generations combined with modern updates. Nicely finished basement with high end finishes, wet bar & wine cellar. ”  Did I hear you say Catch? Ah you know me so well. OK, the one little catch is it’s the Boulder home where  JonBenet Ramsey’s body was found in the basement the day after Christmas in 1996. Ooh yeah, a sleep with one eye open house!

Want to have  look see?

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Dog Gone and You Too

Sheez, taping a dog to a fridge in Colorado will get you 30 days jail , people. Abby Toll found out the hard way that being nasty to a pooch will cost ya. I don’t know what the 2 year old dog did but using hair ties and tape to bind the mutt’s snout and legs together before sticking him upside down on the refrigerator is pretty cruel. Oh OK, it was payback for her boyfriend paying more attention to the dog than her.Hmm, well  that’s alright then!

Never you mind loons the dog has been adopted by another family.


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Boulders in Boulder

Well alrighty then, a 52 year old woman who decided to go gardening topless outside her house in Boulder , Colorado has been told by police to consider wearing a t-shirt. Catherine Pierce, who is a nudist, was wearing a thong and gardening gloves therefore wasn’t breaking any rules but police said she should consider the poor snowflakes who were playing in the school yard across the street from her.


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