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Honey, Have You Seen My Crack Pipe?

Oh bless, when the teacher at Sweet Springs kindy asked her little snowflakes to bring an important family item to class for show-and-tell she had no idea one little boy would pull out his mom’s crack pipe and an ounce of methamphetamine from his backpack. Oh dear, I hope Michelle Marie Cheatham is out of jail for Christmas!

Psst Well at least he didn’t demonstrate it?

Want sauce with that?


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Get A Grip

Well there’s an accident waiting to happen. A little snowflake left home alone in an apartment in China is lucky an air conditioner broke his fall after he fell from an 8th floor balcony. Horrified residents came to his rescue when he started to slip.


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Human Magnet

A Siberian boy is claiming to be magnetic, anything and everything sticks to him…pots, pans, plates, knives, forks,remotes, you name, it  sticks. Bogdan’s parents say he was born with magnetic powers and doctors are at a loss to explain why he  so attractive. Hmm, well maybe when the 7 year old grows up he can get a job at the airport

Psst You may not know this but I have a similar affliction, except I attract psychos!


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Some Bad Day!

Having a bad day at the office? Well go kill a kid then! German police have arrested a top phone company exec following the kidnap and murder of a 10 year old boy. Known only as Olaf H, he told police that he had a very stressful day at work and as a result had an overwhelming desire to kill a child ‘I drove around aimlessly looking for a random victim, a child because I wanted to have power over somebody,’. The unsuspecting child was a young boy who was riding home from a skating rink. After dragging him into the car, Olaf raped and murdered him. Ironically after the murder Olaf’s career took off, getting himself a promotion and a pay rise.The game was eventually up when a member of the public gave police a tip-off about a blue VW Passat that had been seen in the area on the night the child went missing. After tracing 2,000 owners of Passat cars they noticed one which had been leased and then sold shortly after the killing. The car was tracked down in Russia and DNA swabbed. When confronted by police Olaf confessed to the murder and showed them where the child’s body had been dumped.

Want sauce with that?


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It Sounds All a Bit Fishy To Me!

Slippery little bugger isn't it!

Hmm, a 14 year old Indian boy has baffled doctors after they discovered a 2cm fish in his penis. The boy was taken to hospital after he suffered severe pain and began dribbling urine. He told the medical staff that the fish had slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium. Uhuh, a likely story!!! He later explained he was cleaning the tank and holding the the fish in his hand when he needed to go to the toilet. As he was taking a pee the fish slipped from his hand and straight up his urethra.You really don’t want to know how they eventually removed the fish but it involved a ureteroscope and a steady hand!


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Autistic Child Makes Stick Figure Terrorist Threat

What do you do when an autistic kid draws two stick figures on a piece of paper, one with a gun in it’s hand marked “me” and the other with a teacher’s name above it? Charge him as being a terrorist, that’s what! Shane Finn is 14 years old, with the mental capacity of a 3rd grader, but that hasn’t stopped the Ridgeview Charter School from making him front a tribunal charged with making terrorist threats.

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