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That’s A Killing

Call it hormones , call it peeved a pregnant woman shot her boyfriend dead after he didn’t buy her anything at the shopping mall.


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Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do

OMG, why don’t you people delete your raunchy photos. Let me tell you a story about a woman who emailed her then boyfriend a rather risque photo of herself. Fast forward to the breakup when the boyfriend decides to take revenge and print a few hundred flyers, which not only include the now enlarged photo, but her name, address and phone number. If that wasn’t bad enough he’s been handing them out at gas stations, Red Lobster, barber shops and any public place he can find. The embarrassed woman told reporters  her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. Hmm, so flyers actually work… good to know!


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Stink Ink

My, that is large!

Oh my, a warning to anyone who allows “artist discretion” when getting a tattoo. Make sure he doesn’t tattoo a big pile of steaming dog poo on your back with flies buzzing around it. I’m just saying! Poor Rossie Brovent from Ohio asked her then tattoo artist boyfriend to tattoo a scene from the Narnia trilogy on her back, unaware that he had discovered she had cheated on him with his best friend. Hmm, now she has a big pile of excrement for her troubles. She is now suing him.

Psst Wasn’t that a scene from Narnia? Hmm, maybe not!


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Pillow Fight Fail

Pillow fight. And you?

Poor Joyce Belkadi now has her mugshot splashed all over the internet because she whacked her boyfriend with a pillow during a fight and got herself arrested! Tough crowd at Boca Raton!

Want sauce with that?


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Drunk Leading The Drunk

Anyone seen my man?

Drunk woman drives to police station to pick up her drunk boyfriend. That’s a fail right there! The trick in these situations is, never ever  open your mouth. On a bright note seems the couple were made for each other!



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You Heel!


A woman has been charged with murder after plunging her stiletto into her boyfriend’s noggin. Thelma Carter and Robert Higdon from Atanta , Georgia, were allegedly fighting when the incident happened.


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Get A Grip!

A woman in Seattle has been charged with third-degree domestic violence after she allegedly squeezed her boyfriend’s balls so hard during a fight that he had to have surgery. Ouch! Hmm, want look good on your resume Jennifer Kolone.

Want sauce with that?


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101 Uses Of A Staple Gun

Ewh, ouch!

You know what I hate? When you get into a tiff with your girlfriend and she staple guns your head with a Stanley Hammer Tacker . I really friggin hate that! Jodi Gilbert was arrested after police arrived at a domestic and found a man with staples in his forehead. Must have been one hell of a dispute.


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That’s Using Your Feet!

Sheez, a round of applause to Amy Windom for managing to use her toes to type out an SOS on her laptop after being tied to a bed during a home invasion. The intruder, who was wearing a ski mask, ransacked her house, tied her to the bed,  then fled in her car. Windom was able to use the laptop on her bed to type out a message with her toes to her boyfriend who promptly called 911.

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