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Rest In Peace Jon Blake

Many might not remember the young up and coming Australian actor Jon Blake, because his acting career was cut short following a horrific car accident in 1986. Being heralded as the “next Mel Gibson” Blake was involved in a horrific car accident following the Lighthorsemen wrap party which left him in a ‘near-vegetative state’. For 25 years he remained in a‘near-vegetative state’ with his devoted mother, then loving son caring for him. Sadly, at the age of 52 Jon Blake passed away.


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It’s Only A Flesh Wound

If you are a British soldier don’t expect too much sympathy from your insurance agent if a Taliban bullet nearly takes your head off because according to them that ain’t nothing but a “flesh wound”. British Royal Marine, Liam Brentley, suffered brain damage when a Taliban bullet ripped through parts of his skull, jaw and brain but insurers Chartis told him it was only a “flesh wound”. Hmm, as a result Mr Brentley received a payout of just $2,400. However Chartis said if in a year he still has a permanent injury he will get more cash.  An angry Gary Brentley (Liam’s father) said  “I’m stunned and insulted. A flesh wound is surely a graze from a bullet – my son had half of his head blown off.” Evidently “flesh wound” refers to all injuries inflicted by a bullet regardless of the extent.


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Sicilian Delivery Room

Two hot tempered Sicilian doctors are in big doodah after they had a punch in a delivery room over who was going to perform a c-section. During their fisty-cuffs the woman, Laura Salpietro, was left hemorrhaging. After one of the doctors was slammed into a wall and the other punched a window attention went back to Salpietro. Hmm, in the end she had to have her uterus removed and her baby suffered two heart attacks and is now suffering from brain damage.

Psst Story thanks to Susi Spice.


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