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Not What You Want

Look away loons, this is not pretty. A woman in India thought she was getting a cold after feeling a weird nasal sensation . Off she toddled to the docs who referred her to a hospital to have her nasal cavity flush out. When the discomfort continued she went to another hospital where they performed a nasal endoscopy. It was then that they discovered the culprit. A live roach was living in a space between her eyes and brain. Evidently it had crawled up her nose found a nice little bachelor pad and wasn’t going to leave without a fight. It took 45 minutes to remove the squatter after an epic battle using suction and forceps. I hope they sprayed it good.

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Classmate’s Brain In Jar

OMG, imagine going on a school excursion to a mortuary and discovering your school mate’s brains in a jar? That’s what happened to a group of snowflakes from Port Richmond High School in the US. Unbeknown to his family during his autopsy Jesse Shipley (17) had his brain removed after dying in a car accident. When the kids went on an excursion to the Staten Island mortuary a couple of students noticed a label on a jar and realized it was their school mates brain floating in formaldehyde . Awkward. Distraught, they returned to school and one of them told the sister of Jesse. The horrified parents had no idea their son had been buried without his brain. They are now suing New York’s Medical Examiner after being forced to have a second burial.


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Friggin Old Wives’ Tales

Wang Chaoxu allegedly killed an 11 year boy and ate his brain because he believed an old wives’ tale that it would cure his epilepsy. The victim Li Xuetang’s body was found buried in a rice field near a Chinese village near Qixan with part of his brain missing. Chaoxu told police after his arrest he believed eating the brain with earthworms and ants was a sure way to cure his illness. No word on if it did!


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