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Shawcat Redemption

Cat used as prison muleWhen a Brazilian prison guard noticed something weird about a white cat entering a prison gate,  he wandered over to inspect it closer and  discovered little kitty was being used as a friggin mule for the inmates. Yep, strapped to the feline’s  body were drills, small sawa, batteries, a memory card and a phone charger. No word on if the feline felon will be charged .

Want sauce with that?


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Shawfat Redemption

The moral of this story is if you plan a jail break make sure your belly can fit through the hole. Awkward for a one Brazilian prisoner who found himself wedged in a concrete wall after his much skinnier accomplice slipped through and took off. While prison officers merrily took snaps firefighters had to use sledgehammers to free him.

Prisoner gets stuck in wall


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