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Why Bother

man-committed-20-break-ins-wearing-an-ankle-monitorOK Ohio police, about those ankle monitors. Some crim in Ohio committed 20 break-ins while out on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. His spree ended at Walmart. And yes, he was wearing the monitor. Hmm, so does amyone monitor the monitors?

Psst Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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Life of Crime

I do my time like a lady

Doris Thompson (aka Doris Ganble) loves to steal despite the fact she is 80 years of age. Her life of crime started in 1955 and ever since she has been a regular in front of LA courts. Ms Thompson goes under 27 aliases and her break-ins of choice are medical offices because she believes “doctors are cheats”. In her latest exploit the judge sentenced her to three years jail to which she replied “I do my time like a lady,”

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Wedding Planners

No shit!

If I was Sherlock and investigating three break-ins at three separate shops including a bridal , Calvin Klein and a formal wear shop in London, Ontario, I’d probably be thinking someone is planning themselves a very cheap wedding. Elementary dear Watson. The thieves stole only clothes (but a great deal of them) at an estimated $10,000 price tag. Sheez, I hope they got the right sizes…wouldn’t that be a bitch!


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