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Breast Feeding Doll Anyone?

Debate time…Berjuan Toys have just released “Breast Milk Baby” a breast feeding doll for little girls. Bless. The doll comes with a top that the child can wear which has two flower nipples and a sensor that makes sucking sounds. As you would expect the doll has hit the controversy button. Camp A says …  its a normal part of life and teaches the child that breast feeding is a natural and normal way to feed a baby. Camp B ….WTF, this will encourage young girls to get pregnant. Camp C …. why can’t kids just be kids.


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A Doll That Really Sucks!

OK,here’s the thing people, dolls are scary enough without having to make a friggin breast feeding one! Sure they shit, burp, pee and cry but please, sucking on a fake flower nipple! When the Spanish doll company announced they were planning to sell the Bebe Gloton doll worldwide it opened a floodgate of WTFs. Not since Barbie and Ken split has their been a greater debate about a doll. Opinions on the Bebe Gloton range from natural, useful to disgusting. Nothing like letting little kiddies walk around breastfeeding their dolls. Oh and for the added benefit of realism the baby also makes sucking noises. Can’t wait to see granny’s face!

Hmm, here is the Spanish demonstration..

Ohh and a little reaction from you know who…


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