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Breast Implant Explosion

Woman's breast implants ruptureJust a little word of warning for women with breast implants. It seems spending four hours on your stomach playing a game on your cell phone can cause them to explode. Just ask the Beijing woman. But on the bright side she can now finish the game without the fear of kaboobing (see what I did there?).

Psst I bet she was playing friggin Candy Crush!!!


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Pop Goes The Breast Implant!

Oh my, the perils of playing paintball, some poor woman got hit in her  breast and her friggin implant popped. Ooh Ah. Seems this is the first time an injury like this has happened in Britain. A UK Paintball spokesman said “it’s worth remembering that having bigger breasts will make you an easier target for your enemies.” And that, my friends,  is why woman should never fight on the front lines!!!!

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How Deflating

Geez, look at that!

First it was love handles and now it’s breast implants which has saved a person from a speeding bullet. Lydia Carranza was shot at point blank range with a semi automatic assault rifle while working in a dentist surgery but instead of dropping down dead on the spot, her D cup breast implant took the full impact, stopping the bullet from hitting her vital organs. I wonder if it popped like a balloon? Anywho, her surgeon later revealed that bullet fragments were only millimeters from her heart.


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