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Snakes Alive

My greatest fear is that at some point wildlife will realise that if they join forces and attacked us collectively, we are screwed. Given that, a woman in India was bitten by some mean-ass snake in the middle of the night, while she was sleeping. When she woke up she began breastfeeding her baby before both became decidedly ill. Sadly they both died en route to the hospital. It is believed that the mother passed the poisonous venom through to her child via the breast milk. The family told authorities that they had seen the snake in the house but they didn’t manage to catch it.

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Concealed Weapon

Man a no show for holding up idiot signA female thief in Germany has found a unique way to rob a pharmacy. She squirted her breast milk at the staff, which  distracted and probably horrified them, before she took off with the money in the till. The woman was described as “robust” and spoke in some weird language. Hmm, so was that a booby trap?

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That Ain’t No Water Cannon!

Oh dear lord, an Ohio woman has been accused of spraying breast milk at cops. And No silly, it wasn’t from a bottle! Stephanie Robinette got into a little domestic with her hubby during a wedding before locking herself in a car. When police tried to get her out she lifted her right breast from her dress and proceeded to spray them with milk. Enter more police. Eventally Robinette was removed from the car and arrested. Sheez, talk  about upstaging a wedding!


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Cold Comfort

We interrupt this broadcast to make an important announcement….breast milk ice cream is OK to eat lick. Yes, the London Ice cream parlor has been given the thumbs up to go back to selling their $22 a scoop Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream.  Seems health and safety are happy with the milk screening. Now all the ice cream parlor has to worry about is Lady Gaga suing their asses off!


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On A Sour Note

Attention whore, Lady Gaga, was none too happy when she found out about breast milk ice cream being sold in London. Hmm, yeah OK, she thought it was “nausea inducing” but more troubling to her was the fact  the owner called it Baby Gaga. That’s copyright infringement right there. Hello, she doesn’t want no one taking advantage of her reputation or good name. Hmm, seems she is oblivious to the fact the word “gaga” has been associated with babies long before her meat wearing, egg cracking ways. Anywho, she has threatened to sue.

Psst Still no cure for cancer!


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That Could Leave A Sour Taste In Your Mouth!

I have what????

Oh boy, remember the Baby Gaga ice cream made from breast milk? Hmm, yeah about that, seems the British Health and Safety have freaked out a little and have confiscated it due to health concerns. Hmm, who knew viruses such as hepatitis can be passed on through breast milk. Golly gosh, it’s enough to give you a stiff upper lip!


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Lick That!

Oh no, this is home made!

Good grief, a London ice cream parlor has added “Baby Gaga” to its selection. Be warned though,  it’s breast milk ice cream. No really. Victoria Hiley from Leeds is one of the current suppliers and she gets a handsome profit ($24 for 10 ounces) for extracting the ingredients from her breasts. The owner of Icecreamists who also makes the ice cream said “Some people will hear about it and go, ‘yuck,’ but actually it’s pure, organic, free-range and totally natural.” Might be, but I still say yuck!


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Freshly Squeezed Breast Milk

Got Milk

Attention women who cannot nurse, Breanna Clemons is selling her breast milk on Craigslist. So far she has 200 bags of freshly squeezed milk waiting but as of yet no takers. Oh and if you are worried about catching something like HIV, no worries, you can meet with Clemons, visit her home and check her medical records. Sheez, not even my dairy farmer offers that!


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Baby Overdoses on Breast Milk

If there was ever a good reason to give up drugs while you were breastfeeding, this is probably it. A two month old baby has died after being poisoned by a drug he ingested via his mother’s breast milk. Kaisha Poulson was charged with murder after an autopsy revealed …death by methamphetamine poisoning.Egads.


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Breast Milk Cheese

No thanks!

I’m sorry but friggin breast milk cheese is gross, no matter which way you look at it. I have written about this before “Breast Milk Cheese On Crackers“, but now chef Daniel Angerer from a New York Bistro is using his wife’s breast milk  to make a fig and paprika cheese concoction for his customers. Ugh! Since discussing his cheese making attempts on his blog he has been inundated with interest, some good, some downright weird.  And so what does chef Daniel’s wife Lori Mason have to say about all the creepy questions and requests? “I’m not here to walk people through their psychological problems,” The health department are already raising an eyebrow to the idea and have requested they refrain from serving it to the public. In the meantime Lori wants her hubby to try gelato next.

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