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Hard Way Lesson

OK Loons, one more time. Just don’t live stream anything of any importance on FB, especially not your wedding. A woman decided it would be cool to stream her wedding live on Facebook. And it would have been had it not been for the groom doing a runner. Yep, no show. That would have been the longest of awks and where you should have cut the feed. But no, the jilted bride eventually had to walk up to the mic and tell her guests it was O-ver. The no-show was blamed mainly on the groom’s secret lover. But wait there is more. In a vain attempt to keep the wedding alive, her family begged his look-a-like-uncle to don on the suit and marry her to save face. Bless his heart, he demanded a million baht. That bride be feeling very unloved.


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How To Wipe The Smile Off A Bride

A bride and groom got more than bargained for when the driver of the convertible accelerated as they left their wedding….


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Here Comes The Bride

You know what I hate? When you go to a wedding and one of the guests sets the bride’s hair alight with a sparkler. I really hate that. All fun and games until your hair goes whoosh!!!!


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Definition of father-in-law from hell?

A father who kill’s his son’s bride , her parents and 4 guests following the wedding. Awks. Seems he didn’t like his son’s choice.


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Awkward Bride War

Oh dear, watch what happens when a groom’s pregnant mistress , also wearing a wedding dress, rocks up to his wedding to confront the bride. Awkward for him but fun to watch.


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While You Were Sleeping

Bride accidentally sleeps wth groomsmanTalk about awkward. A bride on her wedding night  got up in the middle of the night for a twinkle but when she returned she hopped into the wrong bed. The bed in question was that of the hubby’s groomsman and YES they did. When she awoke the next morning and discovered her mistake she ran out screaming “rape!!!!” When the groomsman refused to pay $3,500 the couple demanded , they went to the police. The court ruled it wasn’t rape just bad luck … or good luck if you were the groomsman.

Psst China


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Here Comes The BBBBBBride

Bride still marries after falling down stairsThere ain’t anything going to stop this 65 year old woman getting hitched, even falling down a flight of stairs. Yes sirree, after the bride tumbled down the stairs she dusted herself off , despite having a shattered elbow, and limped down the aisle where she was greeted with a chair and a rather horrified groom. After the vows she was taken to a medical center while everyone else enjoyed the reception.


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Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing Diet

Wedding Guests Asked To Go On Cleansing DietOMG, some Hollywood yoga guru has asked all the guests invited to her wedding to go on a three-week cleanse before the big day. Evidently, she wants them all ‘to look and feel their best’. The “cleanse” is a special diet designed by none other than the bride to be. You know what? NO. Why can’t people love me for the slob I am, and while you are at it pass me another glass of that sugar free organic champers.

Psst She’s lucky I wasn’t invited!!!


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Bride Bails On 90 Year Old Hubby

He wasn't my type

He wasn’t my type

How does a 15 year old bride escape from the clutches of her 90 year old hubby? She locks herself in her bedroom on her wedding night and refuses to come out, that’s how. Now the Saudi Arabian man  is suing her parents after having forked out a $16,000 dowry for the ungrateful kid.

Psst See Crystal, there were more options than just Hefner.


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A Night To Remember

This can not end well, have they not seen Incident Proposal? A German couple are offering a complete stranger the chance to have sex with the woman on her wedding night. Evidently, it has been their long time fantasy to have a stranger seduce the bride and then have sex with her in front of hubby. The couple posted the fantasy on a auction site without any restrictions, meaning the highest bidder wins. Hmm, I can imagine they are going to get some keepers!!! Oh did I mention the lucky chap gets to foot the bill for the hotel?

Psst Wonder if she’ll wear white?


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