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Hair Raising

hairA woman saved her friend from a death plunge by grabbing her hair as she leapt from a bridge. The poor lass was left dangling above a busy road as her mate hung on tight to her locks. Fortunately a passer-by saw the drama unfold and rushed to help pull the woman back over the railing.


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A Bridge Too Far

embarrassedStop looking people the bridge has been found. Yep, the 2.5 ton wood and steel bridge that kapoofed from a property in Detroit has been found, I repeat, has been found. The structure was discovered some 30 miles away. Police still have no idea who stole it or why. Oh well, the owner will just have to get over it.


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Dude, Where’s The Bridge?

Russian man steals a bridgeA Russian man has been arrested for stealing a bridge. Yep. Police were able to find the small steel bridge by following the drag marks to his home . Seems his plan was to sell it for scrap metal. This is just one in a spate of similar thefts. If you know the whereabouts of several locomotives and a bike ridden by a circus bear you might want to give the Russian authorities a buzz.


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But You Said ….

Woman jailed after pushing suicidal friend off train bridgeOK, here’s the thing, don’t be pushing your suicidal friend off a bridge into the path of an oncoming train just because she was ‘too scared to do it herself’….. especially if she survives….and especially if she can’t recall asking to be pushed.  That’s an attempted murder charge and three years jail right there, mother of six.


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RIP Tony Scott

Famed film director and brother of Ridley Scott committed suicide from a Los Angeles bridge today. Scott directed the films “Top Gun,”, “Days of Thunder”, “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “Enemy of the State,” and “The Taking of Pelham 123.”  Rest in peace.


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Darcey Freeman’s Father Pleads Not Guilty

Lest We Forget

Who could forget  Darcey Freeman, the little girl who was killed after she was allegedly thrown from the Westgate bridge by her father Arthur Freeman? Well, surprise, surprise, daddy’s pleaded not guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court. Seems he was mentally impaired at the time. It is alleged he rang his ex, so she could say goodbye to her children, before stopping in the emergency lane , carrying his daughter to the railings and throwing her over  into the cold Yarra River (50m drop). It was to be the 4 year old’s first day at school. RIP Darcey.


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What A Dick

Well, well, well, either the St Petersburg Innovation awards are desperate for nominees or they have a wicked sense of humor because the 213 ft penis painting on St Petersburg bridge has been nominated for the $8,500 prize. Yep, seems the judges were impressed with the enormous penis drawn by the Voina guerilla art group. Every time the bridge raises the penis  flips up in front of the Federal Security Services building. Very innovative.


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Festival Ends In Tragedy

What the hell type of festival leaves 345 people dead? Ask the organizers of Water Festival in Phnom Penh! Between 2-4  million people were attending the event when a suspension bridge crossing to an island began to sway. Cue panic and a stampede. It didn’t help that police began spraying a friggin water cannon at the people to get them to move off the bridge, nor that the bridge was covered in electric lights. Zap!  Electrocution and suffocation are believed to be the main cause of death. Cambodian Prime Minister said “This is the biggest tragedy since the Pol Pot regime,”

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WGN Morning News Bridge Fail

What is worse than waiting 5 minutes on live TV for a bridge to blow up? Cutting away for a few seconds and missing the whole friggin thing!

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Traffic Jam and Butter

Now I am toast!

Now I am toast!

And now for something completely different. Government officials in Guangzhou have ordered workers to smear very inch of the climbable surface of a 1,000 bridge with butter.Yes you heard me, butter. Seems they are sick and tired of motorists slowing down and holding up traffic to watch people leaping to their deaths. Hmm, this particular bridge is popular for suicides.  Despite the government employing guards, whacking up signs and special fences, people were still finding ways to jump.So the solution was to cover it with butter, making it too slippery to climb and quicker for guards to nab them. One of the guards said “Since we put up the butter there have been no problems with these attention seekers.”

Psst Wait until someone breaks their neck slipping on the shit and sues the government. Whoops, hang on wait, it’s China….never mind!

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