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Aussie Legend Mate

Mate, if ever there was an Aussie legend…. Daniel McConnell gives a detailed account of how he chased down a guy, who had just crashed into a Fish and Chip shop, in his jocks and little purple car.


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Holy Grief Tax Batman

Only thing for certain...death and taxes

Only thing for certain…death and taxes

A woman who stayed a few minutes after closing time at the Pinnaroo cemetery in Brisbane was handed a $280 fine referred to as a grief tax. The woman, whose hubby had just been buried that day, was apparently mourning at his graveside a little too long. Oooh but lucky she didn’t dawdle on the weekend or public hols because she might have found herself $1,450 out of pocket. Um, did I mention the fine is per Half hour?  The council that runs the cemetery says the fines are to cover staff overtime costs.


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Bin Laden With Explosives

If you are wondering why all the rubbish bins have been welded shut at Brisbane railway stations its because of terrorist fears. Seems the metal bins are ideal to hide explosives that can be detonated remotely. This is what happens when you put the country on high alert…. a binless society.


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Penis Flashing Political Flyer

Oh for crying out loud Mr MP, make sure you check your flyers before sending them to 50,000  Brisbane voters … I’m just saying. Andrew Laming had to send an apology after it was pointed out to him, that a man in one of the “Australia Day Celebration” photos on the flyer was flashing his penis. The man in the photo will be left even more red faced after Mr Laming said he was recalling the brochures due to  a “really tiny” detail.

Photo of man flashing in political flyer



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Who Took The Brisbane Axeman Sculpture?

OK Loons, someone has taken down one of my favourite pieces of public art in Brisbane. It has vamoosed without so much as a news story. I suspect the NAB bank, which now owns the piece, was behind its vanishing act. The Axeman sculpture which was created by John Underwood’s Artbusters Organisation was originally part of the World Expo 1988, hosted by Brisbane.It has been captivating tourists for nearly 25 years. I want it returned no questions asked!!!!  Fingers crossed its just getting a makeover, but I suspect it maybe gone for good. The Sunshine State just got a littler darker 😦


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Didn’t Think It Through

Please take note loons, when robbing a pub don’t leave the girlfriends sitting in the getaway car right in front of the security cameras. I’m just saying.


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Jesus Appears On A Pizza

He’s back and this time he has planted himself on a three cheese pizza from Posh Pizza in Brisbane. Bless. Jesus sure gets around. Oh my and he’s just been sold on eBay for $153 which included free postage and delivery. Hmm, something nice to plonk on the wall!


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Stealing A Safe 101

Oh, of all the dumbass things to do!!! Two fools tried to steal a safe from a shop in Springwood, Queensland, by tying it to their car but lost it when they tried to do a u-turn! The two thieves used ropes to haul the hefty safe out of the Coffee House and were doing pretty good until they decided to do a u-ee and the friggin thing flew into a ditch. To make matters worse, a passerby spotted the beat up safe and contacted police before the crooks could get their act together and return.

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Honey, Why Is There A Hole In Our Backyard?

Maybe we should have knocked first?

Whoopsie daisy, someone has got the address wrong again. Peter Collard, who was selling his house in Brisbane, received an urgent call from his real estate agent telling him he better get home real quick, men were digging up his yard. However, by the time Mr Collard arrived the men had skedaddled but they had left him with around $20,000 worth of damage (which insurance won’t cover). Backhoes can be a bitch! Seems the men were digging a pool but as soon as they realized their mistake (thanks in part probably to the real estate dude) they took off like jackrabbits.Police are still trying to work out who the hell they were!

Psst Geez, had you just been quiet  you could have had a friggin free pool!


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Hey, You Got a Light?

OK, here’s the thing, woman from Brisbane, when your partner allegedly throws petrol (aka gasoline) all over you during a fight, the last thing you should do is light a friggin cigarette. That’s a trip to the hospital right there!

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