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That’s Not My Kindle

There isn’t anything more exciting as waiting for a FedEx parcel to arrive, right? So imagine the disappointment wrapped in horror when a British man opened up his parcel to find NOT his brand new Kindle but a …wait for it… a tumor specimen. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Evidently, the tumor was intended for a Bristol hospital.

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What Is This Stain On My Chicken??????

Meat plant owner used underwear to clean  equipmentOh for the love of hygene. An illegal Bristol  meat processing plant owner dodged a jail sentence after it was discovered he was using undies to clean his makeshift butchery. Did I happen to mention he had no wash basins or knife sterilisers either? Evidently the shonky businessman was supplying around 60 businesses in the Bristol area with unhygenic chicken and meat. The dude got busted when a customer at a takeaway complained about a piece of wire found in his fried chicken and the health inspector traced it back to him. Inspectors discovered that he had been buying chicken from reputable suppliers, stripping it off the bone and dicing it, and then putting it back into the original supplier’s boxes which had the “health” mark stamped on it.


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How Much Do You Love YOUR Dog?

Geez, I ain't sniffing that!

Geez, I ain't sniffing that!

And for something completely different, a family have been spraying their own urine on lampposts and trees around Bristol in the hope their missing dog will recognise their smell and come home.The Baltesz family beloved black Labrador Simon did a runner a few weeks back and failed to return home, so in a last ditched effort to find him they have been filling bottles of their own urine and then sprinkling it in places the dog has been sighted. They are hoping Simon, who is 10 years old, will pick up their scent and follow the yellow piss trail back home. Come on Simon go home and save this family further humiliation for goodness sakes!

Psst Hmm, and pray tell how does the dog know the smell of the Baltesz family’s urine, unless…never mind!


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