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Red Marks The Spot

student 3OMG the Nanny State is at it again. A British school is ditching their red pens because wait for it …. it’s a negative colour. Bhahahahahahah that is what it is suppose to represent you fools. It is meant to alert the student they have got something WRONG. Not nearly wrong or a little wrong …. friggin WRONG. The school is encouraging the teachers to make “two or three positive comments about a student’s homework and point out perhaps one thing that will take them to the next stage.”  Cue eye roll.


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Well I’m All Shook Up

Oh my, a pair of soiled Elvis undies failed to sell at an auction in Britain. The light blue undies were evidently worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit during one of his 1977 concerts. Oh well, I guess no one wants to use that DNA to clone him!!!!

Psst Hmm, by soiled do they mean skid marked?



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Some Things Should Be Kept Quiet

OK, here’s the thing British RAF, do you think it’ wise revealing that nearly half your Typhoon jets are grounded because you don’t have the spare parts to fix them? I’m just saying! The situation has become so bad they actually gutted three of their £126 million (each) jets so they could use them for spare parts. Seems the whole Libyan conflict and the high amount of flying hours involved caught them off guard. Hmm, maybe the should give China a buzz, I’m pretty sure they could whip you up a few BAE imitation spare parts  seeing that the world’s largest military contractors are too busy.

Hey psst Argentina, there could be a window of opportunity to take back the islands?

Want sauce with that?

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WTF Was That?

Lets see how fast they can run?

Lets see how fast they can really run?

OK joggers, try not to piss off the birds. Seems some British buzzards are just as opposed to physical fitness and lycra as I am. Stuart Urquhart was out jogging in Cornwall when he was attacked by a buzzard, that’s right, a friggin buzzard. The angry little enormous thing flew down and whacked him on the back of the head, leaving a bloodied mess for Stuart to clean up… “I have brown hair and I wasn’t sure if the buzzard had mistaken me for a big, slow rabbit”. No Stuart, he just doesn’t like friggin joggers (take a hint!). Then low and behold, after having a nice old tetanus shot,  Stuart resumed the friggin jogging thingy (hello!).  Hmm and of course that buzzard was still sitting right there waiting for him. This time fearless Stuart mangaged to dive clear as the bird came at him with his talons at the ready. Another jogger, Paul Powell, was also attacked, he now has some nice puncture wounds to the head thanks to those buzzard talons. So all and all a good week for buzzards in Britain.


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