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We Are Up To 18

For several years I have been posting about the random severed feet ( in sneakers) washing up on the coast of British Colombia. With each new foot, authorities continue to dismiss the theory that a serial killer is at large, instead  claiming the feet belong to suicide victims. I don’t know, 18 severed feet in sneakers….gotta be going hmmm at some stage, right ?

PSST: I hope for the authorities sake there isn’t some friggin psycho with a wood chipper…..just saying.


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Foot Identified

Remember the severed foot in a sneaker mystery ? You know, where feet in shoes keep washing up on Canadian beaches. Anywho, they have positively identified one of the feet and get this……it belongs to a fisherman who died in 1987!!!! Stefan Zahorujko’s boat was found overturned in Sasamat Lake 25 years ago but his body was never found. So far nine feet have washed up in British Columbia in the last 4 years of which 5 have been identified.

OK, I am going for alien abduction theory!


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A Bear Walks Into A Store

I ordered it with anchovies!

Did you hear about the black bear that walked into Fat Tony’s pizza parlor in British Columbia? He grabbed a beef and blue cheese pizza from the counter and left without paying!


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Parents Can Sue Children for Support

OMG, Shirley Anderson (73) has found a nice little loophole in the British Colombian legal system and is now suing her three children for parental support including a son she abandoned at 15. Ms Anderson hasn’t seen any of her children for decades but now wants $750 a month from each of them. Evidently thanks to the Family Relations Act a parent can force adult children to support them if they become dependent on their kids due to age, sickness or economic hardship.

Want sauce with that?


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DNA Being Filed Without Permission

Whoopsie, seems like hospitals in British Colombia have been secretly storing DNA records of 800,000 babies without consent. Evidently it is routine for dried blood to be put on an index card (which includes the child’s name and date of birth) for compulsory genetic screening test. But it’s now been discovered these cards haven’t been destroyed after testing as previously thought. Nope, for 11 years all the cards have been put on file and stored at a private facility unbeknown to the parents. Hmm, that’s a class action right there!


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