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Severed Feet Mystery Maybe Solved

OK loons, remember those friggin 12 severed feet that have washed up on the shores of British Columbia in the last 4 years? Well police have been able to positively identify two of them. Yep, they belong to the same woman who committed suicide in 2004 by jumping from the Pattullo bridge. Her feet were found in sneakers in 2008, 6 months apart. Canadian police now suspect the other 10 feet also belong to suicide victims too.

Want sauce with that?


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Get that thing away from me!!!

Holy genital sensors Batman. What is up with British Columbia? Seems for nearly 2 decades young sex offenders have been subjected to genital sensor testing (penile plethysmograph) designed to measure their arousal rates. Here’s how it works, sex offenders as young as 13  are asked to look at nude or semi nude snowflakes and listen to a description of rape, whilst having a monitor attached to their penis.The monitor measures just how turned on the offender gets. Hmm, given they are already deemed a “sex offender”, I would guess , a lot! After years of internal debate about the program it was finally scrapped last month because one of the people administering the test was busted for sexual assault.

Psst No word on when or if any of the data collected has ever been used.


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Extreme Park

How wonderful, Vernon in British Columbia wants to turn what was once a military training facility into a nature park. Only one catch though, the 56 hectares is still littered with explosives. Hmm, a park of natural selection! The land has been used by the military since 1942 and since that time a total of 8 residents have lost their lives due to mortar shells going kaboom. The Department of National Defence have no idea how much live munitions is still scattered or buried on the land but after a risk assessment the city plans to spend a year using technology (similar to an X-ray) to located the dangerous little sucker before opening it up to the public. Hmm, might want to get your insurance policies reassessed! Oh and did I happen to mention rattlesnakes? Seems they are in abundance too!

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police On Their Guard

Don't panic we have it under control!

When police in British Columbia discovered a suspicious package on the ground they took no chances, locking down a shopping center and several office buildings and canceling SeaBus ferry service. The bomb squad were called in and they detonated the cylindrical package and safely destroying the fishing rod inside it! Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Michael McLaughlin said “Our job is to keep you safe and that is why we did what we did today.” There are a few relieved fish, I can tell you!

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Friggin 5 O’Clock Shadow

Woman suing fter she grew  beardHoly hair removers Batman, a woman from British Columbia is seeking $25,000 in damages after she grew a beard following laser hair removal procedure. Rina Jagpal says she went to Laser Era in Surrey to remove “peach fuzz” from her face and after a few sessions she noticed friggin thick hair growing. She is now forced to wax it every 3rd day. Bummer. She has also named in her claim, Dream Laser and Skin Care, because Jagpal followed the laser techincian from the original salon to others.


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