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World Cup’s Biggest Loser

OMG, while Paul the friggin psychic octopus basks in his friggin prediction glory, a British man is wondering where the hell it all went wrong after he placed the biggest World Cup bet in history, a half a million pounds, on Germany beating Spain.

Psst Well look on the bright side, you have broken two records, biggest bet, biggest loser! It’s all good!


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Waxing Your Testicles Is Wrong

OMG, a British man who let his friends Brazilian wax his balls nearly lost one after 6 to 7 layers of skin was removed. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Joe Cooper and 10 of his mates were waxing themselves for a charity fundraiser at a local pub when Joe decided to go the extra mile and have  his testicles waxed. Oh boy, someone obviously got overly enthusiastic and ripped too fast.  Despite Joe ending up in hospital, they did manage to raise $4,443 for the Leicester Royal Infirmary children’s ward. Well done boys.


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Fake Aristocrat Caught

So close!

Come on people, the dude should be knighted! A British man has been detained in Spain for faking being an aristocrat (Geez, the Royal family have been doing that for years!). Seems the 47 year old had been conning money out of wealthy woman just to tide him over  until he inherited his non existant multi million dollar fortune. Hey, wasn’t that a movie? The dude was pretty damn good too, he managed to extract $1.14 million from some of his victims, who were under the assumption he was going to marry them. Gosh, this is way better than any Nigerian email! He even fooled them right up until the wedding ceremony when his pretend “daughter” would inform the poor bitch he had died. If I were the police I think just punishment would be letting the ladies loose on him in his cell !


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Burning Ring of Fire

Not any more!

Not any more!

When you forcibly fondle someone at a bar expect retaliation. A British man has had his genitals set alight by a Greek woman in a bar in Crete. Evidently the drunken man was waving his wears at a number of girls before he decided to focus his attention and gentials at a Greek woman. After numerous attempts to stop the pesty drunk, she eventually poured Sambuca onto his lap and used a lighter to set him on fire. While the man is nursing his second degree burns to his testicles and penis at a hospital, the woman has become a national hero. Even the magistrate and prosecutor agreed she should be set free pending a trial. A crowd shouted “bravo, bravo” as she left the court.

UPDATE The Greek woman is denying she ever set fire to the drunk man’s genitals. She says that after he grabbed her breasts and bum, she poured a drink over him and left.


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