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Reverse Discrimination

Oh for crying out loud, when two mothers toddled off to a council funded Making Links playgroup they were told to leave because they were British and it was for immigrant families only.Emma Knightley and Kimberley Wildman, who had been recommended the play group by a mix raced friend, were stunned when asked ‘what country are you from?’ and even more so when ordered to leave. Hmm, so much for integration. Despite the play group’s  website saying it ‘seeks to operate in the spirit of the Commission for Racial Equality’ and to help bring ‘communities together and facilitating interaction between them’, it doesn’t consider British women as being part of their so called “community”. Oh and if you happen to be a single dad forget it, you are banned too! Making Links play group is funded by the St Neots council , staffed by church volunteers and is free.

Want sauce with that?


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Genetically Modified Super Chook

Well I'll be clucked!

My, my, British scientists believe they have created a genetically modified “superchicken” that won’t spread the bird flu. Bravo, now where’s your cure for cancer?

Want sauce with that?


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Man of Steel

A big shout out to British soldier Lance Corporal Luke Reeson who was shot in the face by the Taliban but simply spat out the bullet and walked 2 miles for medical help. The bullet evidently bounced off his body armor went up his lower cheek (breaking his jaw) before ending up in his mouth. Reeson is expected to make a full recovery.


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UFO Files Censored

Last week after a great deal of hullabaloo from the general pubic about freedom of information yada, yada, yada, the British government released the Ministry of Defence UFO files. And we are talking friggin files upon files dating from 1994-2000.Weird alien abductions, flying saucers, strange skin rashes, tubes of light,you name it, its all there for all the world to see. So anywho, you would have thought it would have shut the x-filers up for a while. Nope, no sirree, now they are now bitching about the “blacked out” bits. Hmm, seems the “uncomplimentary comments”, made by military and police (where I assume they were pulling the piss big time) have been edited out. Oh boo, that would have been the most entertaining part. However, some of the more suspicious and cynical buffs believe there is more to the censoring of the files. Of course!

Psst To all you UFO buffs, click here for the Ministry of Defence  files and knock yourself out!


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Prisoners Plagarize Famous Poems

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to offer £25 for the best poem written by a prisoner, you might want to check them first before publishing them in the prisoner’s newspaper (oh yes, they have their very own newspaper). Hmm, seems some of the “not so” smart street crims have been submitting poetry from well known poets such as Robert Frost and trying to past them off as there own, in an attempt to win. Friggin cheats in prison, what a surprise! Like they thought no one would notice!!!


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