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That Is Using Your Head

Move over Chuck Norris we have a new macho man. Introducing Jim, the 73 year old Aussie farmer who flew over the handbars of  his motorcycle while checking his crop. When he tried to get up he realised his head wouldn’t stay up. No probs. Jim, with his floppy head, got back on his motorcycle and kept his head up by holding his hair. He made it home and called an ambulance. And that my friends is how you become a bloody legend in Oz.

PSST Jim fractured the first two vertabrae connecting his noggin and is currently wearing a halo but should make a full recovery.


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Tough Break

Oh dear god, nightmare alert, nightmare alert. When Thea Maxfield fell from her horse she had no idea she’d snapped her neck until she went to stand up and her head stayed where it was. Ewh. Known as a “hangman’s break” Maxfield had to cup her hands around her head and then carry it  to  avoid being stomped to death by the now distressed horse. After staggering to safety while holding her head in place she was rushed to hospital. Miraculously she has made a full recovery and back riding.


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