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Pizza Box Pizza

Genius, genius, genius. A Brooklyn pizzeria has created the first ecologically-friendly pizza box. It’s made entirely of pizza. Yep, pizza box pizza. Now the only prob is working out how to deliver it without putting it in another box.



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Is There A Horticulturalist In The Building

Marijuana farm turns out to be tomato plantsWalk away nothing to see here. New York police responded to a call about a marijuana farm being grown on the rooftop of a Brooklyn apartment building only to discover they were friggin tomato plants. The dude that rang the police said “When I saw them, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh, my God.’


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How Scary Is Your Girlfriend?

Man fakes kidnapping because scared of girlfriend Probably not a good idea to fake being kidnapped to avoid telling your girlfriend where you’d  been for 2 friggin weeks. Yes, I know you went to a lot of trouble, duct taping your hands, legs and mouth and plonking yourself between two cars in Brooklyn but police are smarter these days. Have you not seen CSI? After a bit of an interrogation the poor guy admitted to police he wasn’t kidnapped and held captive for two weeks, just simply terrified of facing his girlfriend. “He’s a total moron,” said one cop after he was arrested and charged.


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Dart Fiend On The Loose In Brooklyn


Egads, if you happen to feel a sharp pain in your leg as you’re wandering along the streets of Brooklyn no probs,  you’ve just become the latest  victim of the dartman. Seems some dude is randomly targeting people with a dart gun and doing quite nicely. So far three people have been hospitalized. What a prick!

Psst Suppose they should be grateful he hasn’t got his hands on a crossbow!



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Vagina Tree Deflowered by Hurricane Irene

Greenpoint is in  mourning following the death of “Vagina Tree” . Damn thing up and toppled thanks to Hurricane Irene’s high winds. Obviously it didn’t have a good enough root! RIP Vagina Tree.


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Crime That Shooked A City

A nightmare no parent should ever have to face. The disappearance of 8 year old Leiby Kletzky from a day camp in Brooklyn has turned into a murder investigation after a suspect, Levi Aron, allegedly confessed to the murder and then showed police the butchered remains. Leiby had vanished  after leaving the Yeshiba Boyan School and was last scene talking with a man. Sadly, his mother was only a few streets away waiting for him. When detectives came a knocking on Aron’s door they were horrified to learn that not only had Aron murdered the child he had used three carving knives to cut up the body. Some of the remains were in Aron’s freezer while the rest was in a dumpster. It is unclear of the motive and appears it may have been a random act. RIP Leiby Kletzky.


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How To Get Indefinite Jury Duty

OK, here’s the thing people who want to get out of jury duty, do not and I repeat do not write racist remarks on your questionnaire or that’s indefinite jury duty for you sunshine! Juror No. 799, an Asian woman in her 20s, infuriated the federal judge during jury selection in the trial of crime boss ‘Vinny Gorgeous’ Basciano  he has ordered her to serve indefinite jury duty. The Brooklyn woman thought by trashing the NYPD  and making racists comments on her questions and answers form she would be dismissed from the trial. Hmm, should have pretended you couldn’t read or write, honey!  Here’s an example of what the Brooklyn woman wrote… asked to name three people she least admired she wrote   “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians.”

Want sauce with that?


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Dog Gone Coat

Why, oh why?

Oh for goodness sakes people, stealing a friggin doggie coat off a little terrier’s back is pretty mean. A Brooklyn woman zipped into a supermarket to grab some milk but when she returned a few minutes later she found her pooch was minus his green wool coat, with leather trim and belt. Some bastard had stolen it and left Lexie naked and shivering. Donna McPherson, the owner, said she was just grateful Lexie wasn’t wearing his designer Burberry coat which was way more expensive.


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Sorry, No Can Do

Geez, you know how I hate cold coffee!

Here’s  a story to warm the cockles of your heart. Eutisha Rennix, who was six months pregnant and a cashier at a Brooklyn bakery suddenly suffered shortness of breath and collapsed while serving. You would have thought it was her lucky day because there were two off duty emergency medical technicians having breakfast in the bakery. Well, in the perfect world you would have thought so. Instead of rushing to her aid, it is alleged when they were asked for help, Jason Green and Melissa Jackson, told staff to call it in because they were on their break. They then grabbed their bagels and coffee and left. Eutisha died at hospital and the baby who was delivered a short time later  also died. Geez, I hope this story isn’t true.


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