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Here Pussy, Pussy, Pussy

A man in Australia has been arrested after he deliberately ran his sister down with his car after her cat pissed on his computer. She remains in a serious condition in hospital, bro has been arrested and the cat lives to spray another day.


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Collar Bomb Mystery Linked To Brother’s School

Remember last week a Sydney girl, Madeleine Pulver, had a collar bomb chained to her neck in a horrifying extortion plot? Yeah, well about that. Seems the ransom note found with the hoax bomb had an obscure reference to an old James Clavell novel entitled Tai-Pan. Hmm, seems her brother’s school (Shore) has it on their recommended reading list. I’m just saying!

Want sauce with that?


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The Dangers of Drinking

OK loons, there are two people at fault here. Firstly, there’s the brother who came home with the wrong kind of beer and secondly Lorraine Bulloch for getting so angry about it she threw a knife at him and missed, leaving a three year old with a knife in her head. Savannah police say that Ms Bulloch allegedly chucked a knife at her bro after he returned home with the wrong brand of beer but managed to duck. Unfortunately the little girl wasn’t so lucky and copped it in the head. She is currently in hospital with serious injuries. Ms Bulloch was arrested.

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