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Sibling Rivalry Problem Solved

A brother kills his brother at another brother's funeralOi, oi, oi, a man in London has been arrested for killing his brother while at the funeral of their other brother. I know, crazy , right? Evidently, the brothers got into a heated argument during the funeral which lead to the younger one being stabbed to death. Sheez, the next funeral  is going to be awkward.


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Might Want To Have Kept Quiet About That!

Soap-on-a-rope my friend!

OK, here’s the thing people, do you think it’s wise to publicize the fact that Michael Douglas’ drug dealing son has snitched on his drug suppliers as part of a deal to have his sentence reduced? Hmm? Nope, I didn’t friggin think so. What the hell were they thinking? That’s the sort of stuff you keep friggin quiet especially as Cameron is still behind friggin bars. Brothers David Escalera and Eduardo Escalera have been charged with trafficking and could be sent away for a very long time. But now that they know who dobbed them in, he too might have to watch his back for a very long time, unless of course he saddles up to Sharon Stone or Glenn Close.


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Not The Best Hiding Space

Oh dear, if you are going to kill your brother it is best not to bury him in the yard beside the house, especially when your mom is home. Stanley Eckard has been taken into custody for the alleged murder of his brother Sean Eckard after his mom saw him burying something in the yard. Despite claiming he was burying stuff belonging to his old girlfriend, his sister asked their dad to dig it up and have a look. Sadly he found the body of his son.


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The Brothers Grim!

Well done son!

Oh my, two little Indian boys (aged 5 and 7) allegedly hacked to death a wanted criminal after recognizing him hiding out in an orchard. Sheez, here’s hoping it wasn’t mistaken identity!!! The Times of India reported the two blood soaked brothers waltzed into a police station in Uttar and declared they had killed Mahendra. Police later found the butchered body of the fugitive in the orchard.Hmm, I don’t know if the parents should feel proud or extremely scared of  their kids!


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Square Peg, Round Hole

OK, here’s the thing 238lb wannabe burglar, you ain’t never gonna get through a 2ft hole.Two brothers, Clive and Kelvin Webster, were caught in North Devon after one of them (plump one) got himself stuck in a hole in the wall as they attempted to rob a department store. To make matters worse the hole they made was only 6ft from the burglar alarm.


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From Rags To Riches

Well I’ll be. Two brothers who live in a cave in Hungary, because they are so friggin poor, are set to inherit a share of a  £4 billion fortune. Seems Zslot and Geza Peladi had a filthy rich grandmother they didn’t know about. Lawyers for her estate did some genealogical research and bippity boppity boo they tracked down the cavemen through homeless charity workers. Dear god I hope this isn’t a Nigerian scam!


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