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Dude These Brownies Are Far Out

OK Missy, hand over those brownies. Wow, these are good! An eighth grader was busted for selling brownies to her classmates for $3 from her backpack. OK, yes, they were laced with marijuana which would explain the steep price. Evidently up to 20 of her classmates bought the hash brownies. A spokeswoman for the New York middle school called the incident “troubling” and warned anyone who knowing munched on the treat would be disciplined.

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Hey Mom, Where Are My Brownies?

Woohoo, we must get the recipe!!!

OK loons, here’s the moral of the story…. do not and I repeat, do not take frozen brownies, that your son made, from your freezer and take them to work for the staff. Oh, unless of course you all want to be taken to hospital for being suspectedly high as kites. Three Canadian office workers who started feeling light headed and disorientated after munching on the sweet treat were taken to hospital only to discover the brownies were jam packed with dope.


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