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Mayor’s Undies Stolen

naked-manAttention the good people of Belgium, be on the look out for a pair of undies  autographed by the Brussels’ mayor, they have been nicked  from the Museum of Underpants. There is no actual details about size or colour but they were described as “briefs”. If the undies aren’t found the owner will request the mayor sign another pair.


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How To Catch A Somali Pirate

Somali pirate chief arrested in BrusselsWant to know the easiest way to catch a notorious Somali pirate chief ? Well, you pretend you’re a Belgium film crew wanting to do a doco on his life and organise him and his accomplice to fly into Brussels to sign the movie contract.  Mohamed Abdi Hassan, AKA  “Big Mouth” and partner in crime Mohamed Aden “Tiiceey” are now sitting in a cell in Belgium facing kidnapping, piracy and organised crime charges after being lured out of Nairobi by a movie deal . In 2009 the pair allegedly hijacked a Belgian ship, the Pompei, and held it for 70 days. Big Mouth is believed to be one of the head honchos in the Somali piracy business.


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The Worse Friggin Souvenirs Ever


OK Loons, here’s something you probably didn’t know, I love to collect (and people love to give me) crap souvenirs and weird stuff from around the world. So I thought I would share a few of the really “special” ones with you over the coming weeks, starting with the Mannekin Pis lollipop. Manneken Pis is a statue in Brussels erected in honor of a little boy who pissed on the wick of a bomb and saved the city from kabooming. Anywho,just opposite there is this souvenir store that sells friggin everything Manneken Pis including whiskey dispensers, bottle openers, tea towels and this……the Manneken Pis lollipop which is outrageously inappropriate to suck !!!! What the hell were they thinking?


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