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Dumbassed Cat

Oooh shit!

Oh guess who will be getting treats for the rest of his life? Bubba the Golden Retriever, that’s who. Oh yes, doggie dearest saved his owner Saundra Frazer from being burned to a crisp when the stupid dumbassed cat knocked over a burning candle (probably deliberately). The incessent barking woke not only Sandra but Charles McCauley, a guy who lived at the back of the house, and all escaped relatively unharmed. Oh except for the house. House 0, Sandra 0, Cat 1.

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Bubba The Black Bear

My bad?

OK, the big friggin exploding supernova probably isn’t gonna get ya anymore , but the big friggin bullet scarred black bear just might. That’s if you live anywhere near Incline Village on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The 700lb beast, known as Bubba, has dodged bullets, bear traps and even hunting dogs in the quest to get his mits on some man food.It is estimated the bear, which is twice the size of an average black bear, has broken into about 50 homes and caused tens of thousands worth of damage on it’s quest for food. Oh and don’t be fooled, the bear knows a thing or two about traps especially where they are hidden.
Even mortified wildlife officials say he “shakes off bullets like they were mosquito bites”. One home owner who took a pot shot at him as he rummaged through his house said one of the bullets just bounced off his head. He has even learned the art of smashing panels off garage doors, lifting sliding glass doors of their tracks and opening up refrigerators. Some residents say Bubba is so smart he knows the friggin garbage pick up days (which is when the bins are the most plentiful). Pissed off locals also believe the reason he is so big is because he binges all year round on their friggin food.

Psst Oh and just so you know if Bubba has come a calling, he usually leaves a nice smelly turd calling card “the size of a basketball”.


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American History X

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen across a 6ft2″ , 250lb, bald white supremist Texan, with a Nazi SS symbol tattooed on his neck and a tear drop under his right eye, driving a dark greem dodge with a Republican sticker on the back window and answers to the name Bubba, you might want to give the cops a buzz. He is wanted for killing a convenience store owner.


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