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Bring Out Your Dead

fleasNo need for alarm people but!!!!!! Seems the US has an teeny weeny prob that could escalate into a OMG get me outta here. The bubonic plague is backkkk. So far 4 people have died and it is spreading through Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico and Oregon. Normally there is around 3,000 cases reported globally each year but there have been 12 so far in America. Experts believe rodent fleas , who carry the deadly disease, are using humans as hosts due to lack of animal hosts.

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Who Needs Swine Flu?

OK, don’t anyone tell the World Health Organization for goodness sakes but an 8 year old boy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has died from…wait for it…bubonic plague. Ewh, that’s right, them fleas have been biting again. The boy’s sister is also sick with the infectious disease. So if you get the chills, diarrhea, headaches and swollen lymph nodes chances are you either have the plague or Swine Flu.


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