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OK, I’m not here to judge (lol) but way to go girl. A teen cancer patient had one of her bucket list wishes come true, She got to friggin taser someone. Woohoo, I would love to do that. The Newark police stepped up for the challenge and the teen got to zap a cop. The volunteer cop said “It is unpleasant to say the least, but if for five seconds if it makes somebody’s kind of dream come true, especially in her situation, I think it was well worth it,”


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Bucket List Wish

Well guess whose going to have their ashes scattered on the top of Mt Everest? Oh come on people this is an easy one., Sir Edmund Hillary. Yep, a little piece of  Sir Edmund Hillary will forever be on top of Mount Everest now that Apa Sherpa has agreed to scatter some of his ashes on the peak.  Apa will scatter the ashes,  which have been kept at a Buddhist monastery in the village of Kunde, to the  four winds when he makes his 20th ascent this year. A fitting gesture .

Psst Apa holds the record for climbing the mighty mountain the most times.


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It Was On My Friggin Bucket List

Well, well, well, bank robbing Patricia Edwards… bucket list you say? A Florida cancer patient claims she robbed a bank in Florida because it was on her bucket list of things to do before she died. Whats more it was a random act, no planning, no nothing just impulse. Only one prob, her cancer isn’t terminal and she suffers from bi-polar. Awkward.


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