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Winehouse’s Night At The Theatre

My bad?

Nothing like Amy Winehouse to ruin a night at the theatre. The girl who doesn’t want to go to rehab is alleged to have kicked a theatre manager in the balls after she heckled the Cinderella pantomime performers at Milton Keynes theatre in Buckinghamshire. Hmm, as the little kiddies and their parents were encouraged to interact with the actors, Amy kept yelling such one liners as  “He’s fucking behind you” and “Fuck Cinders, Prince Charming, marry me.” OOh and don’t think the ugly stepsisters had any comebacks, Winehouse called them “bitches”. All this, while some of the children in the audience burst into tears. Enter Richard Pound the front of house manger who tried to usher the volatile singer into a box, he got a punch, hair pull and a kick between the legs for his troubles. Police were eventually called.See , now I would have paid good money to see that!

Psst Evidently the person to blame for inviting the train wreck was Anthony Kavanagh (Prince Charming) who was hoping to impress the cast. Hmm, mission accomplished.


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I Have Rights!

Woman demands all non white staff leave birthing room

Back at ya lady!

OK, this is awkward, a woman who was about to give birth at Milton Keynes Hospital in Buckinghamshire is in big trouble after she allegedly asked for the non white hospital staff to get the hell out of the birthing room. Hmm, that is either race discrimination or the epidural kicking in! The hospital isn’t saying whether the employees in question were black , Asian or both but it is rumored she objected to one specific  type of ethnic minority group being in the room while she was having a caesarean.Oh boy the Equality and Human Rights Commission have been informed and are none too pleased!


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