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Holy Smoke There Is A New Pope

The Cardinals have voted and Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires will be staying in the building. Now known as Pope Francis, the lucky new pontiff will have to face the music over the looming scandals that have plagued the Church. So what do we know about Pope Francis?

He came in second to Pope Benedict during the last Pope-off.
Named himself after Francis of Assisi
Is anti gay marriage and anti abortion
Has one lung
He became a priest at 32.
He was involved in the bloody 1976-1983 military dictatorship.
He supports a football team nicknamed The Saints
Catches public transport


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Cat Fight

Look away cat lovers this is nasty. During a marital squabble in Buenos Aires, a man picked up their family cat and hurled it at his wife, she ducked and the cat flew out the window, which happened to be on the fourth floor. The cat landed on the head of a former opera singer who was crossing the road. The  woman (85)  is now in hospital with a fractured skull and the cat is dead. Don’t cry for me Arg….ah never mind.


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Not Your Time

Well I’ll be. A woman in Buenos Aires had had enough with life so jumped off a 23rd floor hotel balcony (some 328ft) . Fortunately a taxi roof broke her fall (and her hips and ribs) but she is going to be OK, not happy, but OK. Doctors say the fact she landed in the seated position saved her life. Hmm, that will be one bruised bum. Meanwhile the taxi driver must be thanking his lucky stars he saw a policeman looking up, prompting him to get out of the car, or he would have been squashed.


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