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Frog Fear Proves Quite Rewarding

Man wins $1.6 million payout over fear of frogsA Buffalo man, who has a big old fear of frogs, has won a $1.6 million payout after a developer drained so much water onto his property (approved by the town council) it turned into a friggin wetland and a haven for the slimy creatures. The man, who has had a fear of frogs since he was a snowflake, became a prisoner on his own property after the amphibians began partying on his porch.

Psst Hmm, OK, so if I have a fear of clowns can I sue the town council too?

Want sauce with that?


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Buffalo. For Real.

Go on loons, guess what Buffalo’s new tourism slogan is? Hint, I used it in the title. Yep, for real! The slogan was developed by a team of of local advertising and marketing executives and will be used to highlight the area’s assets. Erie County Executive Chris Collins said the new campaign is “exactly what this community needs at this point in time.”


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Mike Might Be A Michelangelo

Jesus and Mary

Holy friggin Roadshow Batman. A family in Buffalo, New York, may have just hit the jackpot. A painting they have had in their living room  for years maybe a friggin lost Michelangelo. The Kober family, who referred to the piece as “The Mike”, had it wrapped up behind the sofa after one of the kids knocked it off the wall with a tennis ball in the 1970s. The family had long known about the rumors surrounding the piece but had never got around to verifying it. That was until  Air Force Lt. Col. Martin Kober retired in 2003 and  was given the task of tracing the history of “The Mike” to see if the rumors were true. Anywho, the normally scoffing Italian art experts are pretty much choking on their  biscotti, not only horrified it was hit with a tennis ball but “it had been exposed to heating commonly found inside a middle-class home.”  Hmm, I should check behind my sofa!

Psst Read the full story here “A Mike Found in Buffalo


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Flare Up

You might want to think twice about parking your motorcycle outside the front of someones house in Buffalo, they might just shoot you with a flare gun. Mark Smith found out the hard way when he parked his bike outside the front of his neighbors house. The neighbor came rushing out of his house and kicked over the motorcycle before whipping the flare gun from the waistband of his PJ’s and shot Mr Smith twice in the chest. The crazed neighbor then chased Mr Smith into his backyard before firing another flare into his right eye. No word on the condition of Mr Smith who is now in hospital.


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Lucky She Wasn’t Wearing Red

I think the buffalo was only messing with ya Nikki?


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Earth Is a Supermarket For Aliens?

Hmm, looks like the aliens are having a BBQ, they just beamed up a quarter pounder. Derek Bridges, who is 69, filmed what he believes is a UFO abducting a buffalo from a paddock in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I don’t know loons, what do ya think, too much sherry?


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Friggin Frozen Potato Cannon

Woman nearly hit with frozen potato shot from cannonAnyone in Buffalo who has a frozen potato cannon, police want a little word with you. A middle aged woman told police she was darn near hit with a friggin frozen potato shot from what she described as a potato cannon. Luckily whoever shot the frozen potato wasn’t such a good aim because it missed her and whizzed right through into  her front window.


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