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The Bulge and the Beautiful

The “Unmissable” Ireland indeed. This is  what happens when you get the star of Fifty Shades of Grey to promote Ireland. Not a soul looking at the stunning scenery…nope, they all are staring at the bulge in  Jamie Dornan’s pants. Settle loons, apparently it was a golf ball.

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My, What A Suspicious Looking Groin Bulge You Have!

OK, here’s the thing dude, having an enormous groin bulge is definitely going to attract suspicion from police and a probable frisking. Officers  hit pay dirt when they decided to check the well endowed man and  found nine stolen credit cards, a loaded gun, about 180 ecstasy tablets, 28 grams of amphetamines and a large amount of cash stuffed down his undies.

Psst Yes, it was in Melbourne Fairy Face!!!


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