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Mythbuster Fail

OK, here’s the thing wannabe Mythbusters, don’t try the “shooting bullets through a phone book” experiment at home, especially if your aim is shit. An Ohio man got all enthused after watching an ep of Mythbusters so decided to test the ballistic stopping power of a telephone book.  So he plonked some on his fireplace mantle and began shooting with his 9mm pistol. Only prob was, he managed to hit the phone book once while the other rounds went through his wall and hit his neighbor’s home. Fail.That’s a discharging a firearm into an inhabited dwelling charge right there!

Want sauce with that?


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Pain In The Butt

OK, one more time people, do not put a handgun in your back pocket if it isn’t on lock. A Snohomish man found out the hard way after shooting himself in the ass with a .40 caliber.He was just trying to see if it was more comfortable. Hmm, answer was NO!


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Numb Skull

A man in Germany went to the docs after feeling a lump in the back of his head only to discover it was a bullet. Yes, the man had been shot during a New Year’s Eve party five years prior. The Polish man who had been drunk at the time recalled receiving a blow to the head but didn’t bother seeking medical attention. Fortunately for him the 22 caliber slug didn’t penetrate the skull.

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Man of Steel

A big shout out to British soldier Lance Corporal Luke Reeson who was shot in the face by the Taliban but simply spat out the bullet and walked 2 miles for medical help. The bullet evidently bounced off his body armor went up his lower cheek (breaking his jaw) before ending up in his mouth. Reeson is expected to make a full recovery.


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Turn The Other Cheek


A woman who was minding her own business was shot in the butt by a man who accidentally discharged his handgun at a Bass Pro Shop in California. The man had taken 6 guns for testing at their upstairs shooting range but while he was checking them in at the front desk, kaboom, the bullet flew 40 yards right into the left buttocks of a female shopper.

Psst Why do they have a firing range at a Bass Pro Shop?


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He Really Does Have Lead In His Pencil


Oh for goodness sakes how many times have I told you to keep firearms away from your genitals people? Latest victim of bullet to the balls is a 20 year old Hamilton man. Police have no idea what happened but they believe the weapon accidentally discharged kaboom straight in the genitals!


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How Deflating

Geez, look at that!

First it was love handles and now it’s breast implants which has saved a person from a speeding bullet. Lydia Carranza was shot at point blank range with a semi automatic assault rifle while working in a dentist surgery but instead of dropping down dead on the spot, her D cup breast implant took the full impact, stopping the bullet from hitting her vital organs. I wonder if it popped like a balloon? Anywho, her surgeon later revealed that bullet fragments were only millimeters from her heart.


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