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Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied beyond The Grave

Remember 14 year old Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because he was bullied at school for being gay and then Lady Gaga dedicated a song to him at a recent concert? Well evidently his sister was at a homecoming dance and the Lady Gaga song came on and the bullies started chanting ‘You’re better off dead!’ and ‘We’re glad you’re dead!’  Sheez, enough already, you got what you wanted.


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Who’s A Little Princess Then?

Oh dear, is this what we should expect from X-gens? A 7 year old boy in Sweden rang 112, the emergency equivalent to 911, because another kid whacked him while he was playing in  a sandbox. The police dispatcher told him to go tell his parents. Sheez, what happened to a good old tasering and arrest for being a nuisance? Soft in Sweden!


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Casey Heynes Filled Out 60 Incident Reports

Remember Casey Heynes, the kid who hurled a bully to the ground after being harassed at school? You know the one on the Youtube clip that went viral? Well, anywho, it seems the poor kid had written between 60-70 incident reports to the Chifley School about the bullying prior to the incident. 60 to 70 of the suckers!!! Despite this, the Department of Education has cleared the school of any wrong doing and are satisfied they had provided him with adequate support. Hmm, lets see, could this because they fear getting sued? We are talking 60-70 reports for one child. That is outrageous by any standard. What is the role of a Principal? If children aren’t disciplined the behavior perpetuates. They start at school and finish where?

Want sauce with that?


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Bieber Bullied

Oh dear god say it ain’t so, Justin Bieber, has become the victim of homophobic bullying (NO, how could that be?). Seems while the Bieber was playing laser tag in Richmond (Canada) some kid called him a “faggot” (tsk, tsk).It all started when the kid decided to single out the Bieber and continually shoot at him. When Beiber said “That’s enough” the kid replied “What are you gonna do about it, faggot?”. Oh dear, this is where it gets all a bit murky. The father of the kid is claiming Bieber hit  his son. Team Bieber are denying he touched the kid. Hmm, this may shed some light, a person at the scene said the father kept telling people “I’m a lawyer, I’m a lawyer.”

Psst Next time you might want to try Paintball, its a lot more manly!

2nd Psst Who the hell is Justin Bieber?


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Being A Princess Can Suck

What’s worse than being a princess? A princess that gets bullied by boys at school. Princess Aiko, the only snowflake of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan, has had it with bullying by the boys at her school and no longer wants to attend. Off with their heads I say. Damn, what’s the point of being a princess if you can’t wield some power I say! The 8 year old is a  second grader at Gakushuin Primary School in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward. The top aide to the Prince says she is totally stressed out and is suffering from tummy aches. Bummer!


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