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Student Reprimanded For Protecting Classmate From Bully

Student Reprimanded For Protecting Classmate From BullyOh for goodness sakes, when a kid at a Calgary high school saw a bully pull a knife on another kid in class , he instinctively tackled him, but instead of being thanked he was sent to the office because the Principal said the school didn’t “condone heroics”. While he escaped being suspended the HERO said he was made to feel as if he has done something wrong.

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So Who’s The Bully Now?

A Texas teacher is  in big doodah after she ordered a group of school kids to line up and take turns in whacking an alleged school bully. It’s is believed up to 24 kids were told by the teacher to hit 6 year old Aiden and later to “hit him harder” in order to teach him a lesson. Another teacher who had suggested the idea is also in trouble. Oh well, another one who won’t like Mondays!!!

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Bully Fights Back

A warning to all bullies, don’t pick on the big kid. Watch what happens when this kid thinks enough is enough ….

Psst Both kids were suspended but the bully got a lot more.

2nd Psst Both have now appeared on TV with the bully claiming the victim had bullied him first.


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