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Bumcrack Bandit on the Loose

Attention loons, the bumcrack bandit is at it again. Yep, a woman wearing low slung jeans and wielding a silver gun has robbed a hotel in Queensland. Media have nicknamed her the bumcrack bandit after her butt was exposed when she jumped over the counter and was caught on CCTV.She is believed to be linked to a police shooting. If by some weird chance you can identify her ass I wouldn’t approach her …Ewh!


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Step Away From the Butt Crack

OK, here’s the thing Dallas women, please don’t put your fingers down someone else’s butt crack unless you want a friggin knife fight. According to the police report a woman rubbed her fingers along her friend’s bum crack, who reacted by clenching her butt. This, the victim claims, caused her to break the bed she was sitting on. The suspect was furious about the bed and attacked the victim before grabbing a butcher knife and threatening to kill her. The victim eventually rang the Dallas police who now have a ton of useless paperwork to fill out.


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Cheeseburger Josh and the Whataburger Fight

This is without doubt the funniest fight over a cheeseburger you are ever going to see. Cheeseburger Josh and his unflattering bum crack have now become internet legend. It all began when drunk Josh (aka Cheeseburger Josh) wasn’t happy about his Whataburger order and intoxicated Joseph Guichebarou decided to stir him up. Oh why bother explaining, check it out for yourself …

Psst Geez, I wonder what he’d do for a Whopper?


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