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Say What?

OMG no Burger King , no. The fast food chain is offering free burgers to any ex employees who have been sacked. There is a catch. All you have to do is go onto you LinkedIn account and post this … “I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #WhopperSeverance.” WTF marketing department a) comfort food just adding to unemployment woes b) that is going to kill your LinkedIn profile. Good luck finding another job anytime soon. You will need those burgers. Surely Fake News?

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It’s Friggin Stale

eatingA woman in South Carolina was so peeved about getting a stale Cinnamon bun at Burger King she threatened to pull a gun on staff. Hell has no fury like a stale Cinnabon!


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Lovin It

Burger King in Japan has just introduced a SPAM and cheese burger which comes on a whole wheat bun with pickles and mayo. Hmm?


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Pumpkin Burger Anyone?

Hey Loons, for a limited time only Burger King Japan is offering a Pumpkin Burger on their menu. Hmm, sounds scrumptious. Also includes  bacon, lettuce, a beef patty and a creamy mixed nut sauce …. just so they can neutralise the health benefits. I’m guessing McDonalds will probably respond with say a McBroccoli Burger?


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Lovin It

Just stop it!

Attention fools who are feeding cheeseburgers to a family of black bears, friggin quit it. Colorado wildlife authorities are on the look out for people hand feeding Burger King  food to a black bear and her cubs. The mother is now so keen to chow down on junk food she has been reported rummaging through cars for snacks.


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So What Did You Miss?

So what did you miss while your eyes were glued to the Japanese disaster? Well, Gaddafi’s  army are “marching to cleanse the country” of insurgents and basically anyone who says nasty things about him. Mel Gibson pleaded no contact contest to whacking his woman and got himself community service (which he plans to do at his ex wife’s charity). Lindsay  Lohan vacated her condo in Venice (California) for fear she would be swept away by the tsunami and then have to explain that to the judge!Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll. Jon cryer confesses to being one. Oh and Burger King’s global chief executive Bernardo Hees called British food…..crap…. and their women unattractive. So basically the world’s still revolving if not a little off its axis!


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It Takes Two Hands

Oh for crying out loud, pulling into a Burger King drive thru without any pants, holding your penis and asking the female employee if she would like to handle a “Whopper” is so immature, especially when you are 52! Police pulled over Richard C. “Rick” Troupe after the woman wrote down his tag number and they are currently investigating the allegations.


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Friggin Spit In Your Whopper!

We now know what the special sauce was in that Whopper! Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Bylsma from Washington state is suing Burger King after finding a gob of spit in his burger. The deputy claims in March this year he entered a Vancouver store and ordered a meal but got an uneasy feeling about two staff members.That’s when he lifted the top half of the bun and found a big ol’ gob of spit. Being a cop ,of course he got the two employees DNA tested as well as the saliva and viola a match! He is seeking $75,000 in damages.

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Would You Like A Needle With That?

Don't know, something about a prick!

It takes more than two hands to handle a whopper, it takes a cast iron throat. Oscar Chaves is suing Burger King after he claims  he ate a needle . Chaves alleges when he and his son-in-law went to Burger King chain in Massachusetts he bit down into his double whopper and on the third bite he felt something go through his throat. It wasn’t until he was rushed to hospital did he discover he had a 5cm needle  protruding from his tongue. The needle, allegedly hidden inside his burger, damaged his esophagus and left metal in his stomach. For eight weeks he had a swollen face and endured months of testing. Despite a request for  Burger King to  pay his $15,000 medical bills, he heard diddle squat from them until   December ( over a year later) when they said sorry  and asked for the needle back. Mr Chaves was later offered a $5,000 settlement which he kindly declined.


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Burger King Blues

Man suing Burger King over picklesOK, here’s the thing people with food allergies. If you are going die from a particular food group or suffer a severe allergic reaction I suggest you check everything prior to taking a bite, regardless of what you said when you ordered. Dah! A man is suing Burger King for $100,000 because they left the pickles in his burger. Dairus Dugger didn’t want onions, pickles or tomato in his all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun. But he got them anyway. So despite knowing he had a high risk medical issue with certain foods he took a bite without checking it (even I friggin check and I am not allergic to anything…. just highly suspicious!). Hospital, medical bills, days off work, stress… lalalalala all adds up to a lawsuit. Oh for crying out loud, hasn’t anyone been out to lunch or dinner with someone with a food allergy, they trawl through every little morsel before touching a thing!


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