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Too Easy

You know how I just love a good burglar story. Introducing our dumbass burglar of the week award. Stand up and take a bow the dude who, while attempting to rob a second hand store, spilled a tin of white paint and then proceeded to walk through it. The sound you just heard was my palm slapping on my forehead. It took police a matter of minutes to find your silly white foot trail that lead straight to your door. Oh the humanity!

PSST England


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Fall From Grace

Nawww, it’s always a tad sad when a burglar ends up in an epic fail. Take this poor soul who came to a humiliating kaboom when he fell through the ceiling of a restaurant after failing to steal anything from the manager’s office. Just not his day.


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Calling Card

dunceGuess who Santa is skipping this year? The dumbass burglar who left his debit card at the crime scene and some very distinctive “Route 66” impressions from his shoes outside in the snow. Not very nice… or bright. Might want to consider a career change.


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Flushed out

Burglar arrested after using toilet at crime sceneA burglar from Oklahoma City, who had a bad habit of not flushing, has been busted after used toilet paper and a floater  which were found at the crime scene were matched to his DNA. Ewh. Pity the fool, who had to scoop the poop.


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A Little to the Left

Burglar offered back rubs to female victimsFinally a burglar who knows what he is doing. A North Carolina burglar not only broke into houses, he often snuck into bed when there was  a female owner and offered her a back rub. Smooth. Unfortunately for the 29 year old the court didn’t see the health benefits. Bubba pass the massage oil.

Want sauce with that?


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Unlucky For Him

burglar stumbles on dead bodyWhen neighbors heard screaming coming from a house in New Zealand, they thought it was a domestic. Hmm, but they were wrong. The sound was coming from a burglar who had just stumbled across a dead body hanging in the house. The traumatized thief rang police who verified the owner of the house had committed suicide.


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Why Bother

man-committed-20-break-ins-wearing-an-ankle-monitorOK Ohio police, about those ankle monitors. Some crim in Ohio committed 20 break-ins while out on parole and wearing an ankle monitor. His spree ended at Walmart. And yes, he was wearing the monitor. Hmm, so does amyone monitor the monitors?

Psst Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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Burglar Rings To Report Another Burglar

Burglar rings olice to report another burglarOh for the love of Darwin, a burglar in Romania was so concerned that a noise he heard while robbing a house was another burglar he called police to report it. When police arrived they found no other burglar and arrested the fool. Seems the noise he heard was the family cat.


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Pot Calling The Kettle

Burglar rings 911A burglar who got sprung by an armed homeowner rang 911 requesting help . LOL. The judge must have taken pity because he got 7 years probation and 200 hours of community service for his trouble.


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Doris Does It Again

Seems you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Notorious burglar Doris Thompson (82) has been caught yet again. The granny, with 25 different aliases, has a 20 page rap sheet that dates back to 1955 and has been jailed 9 times. Her  recent M.O. is to hide in medical facilities until closing time then treasure hunt the cash boxes. Hmm, I bet her getaway is slow.


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